The Production and Advantages of Implosion Machines

Linz, 27th March 1955, From Implosion Magazine, No. 61.

The Suction-turbine (see fig. 20), generally known as an Implosion machine, is as different from a pressure-turbine as night is from day. Both machines are reactors or devices which trigger off reactive forces. The suction-turbine is water-producing, whereas the pressure-turbine is water-destroying.

The pressure-turbine utilises the forces resulting from the weight of water and its efficiency rises as the available head of water or steam increases. The suction-turbine requires no head of pressure and therefore can be installed in still water. This saves expensive pressure resistant pipes primarily because it sucks in its own drive-water. In order to do this, however, it has to be set it motion by conventional means. The higher the speed of the starter motor, the grater the quantity of drive-water screwed upwards and the higher the performance. The indrawn water becomes densified mechanically and physically. The rotation of the many whorl-pipes generates centrifugal force along their longitudinal axes, which expresses itself as an evolving reactive force. The generation of these reactive, rotational forces, and therefore the performance of the suction-turbine, is dependent on the initial velocity at which the mass of drive-water is sucked upwards, densified and accelerated. This can be regulated at will according to the setting of the starter motor, which merely provides the initial impulse for the frictionless, rotational acceleration.

An engineer, who is unaware that products of reduction also exist in every movement of a medium containing bipolar sediments, will find it difficult to discern the origin of these additional rotational forces. Forces are active in the suction-turbine, which cannot be compared with those in a pressure-turbine.

The suction-turbine is also a machine for ennobling water, in which polluted freshwater can be reactivated, or seawater reconverted into mountain-spring-quality drinking water and otherwise useful water. Suction-turbines are therefore development-enhancing reactors.

The output of the suction-turbine is about nine times greater than a pressure-turbine, because no resistance is created in its system of pipes. This eliminates all competition from the pressure-turbine industry.

At school everyone learnt that the Earth has a magnetic longitudinal axis about which it rotates. In every physics book or even a dictionary it is stated that there is a form of magnetism which attracts iron, cobalt, nickel, manganese, etc. The counterpart to this form of magnetism is the organic vacuum, which draws in oxygen and supplies organic processes with it.

Also known as diamagnetism, this form of magnetism evolves when a medium with a loose-knit structure, such as air or water, is moved in an inwinding motion about its own axis. This motion leads to the cooling and reduction of the volume. The reduction in spaciality is indicative of the initiation of the adsuctional or attractive effect.

This axis is not like the shafts in all contemporary machines. The suction-turbine (implosion-machine) has no shaft, but only a hub onto which the log-arithmical1 whorl-pipes are attached. It is an inverted (inside-out) propeller, which centripetates the indrawn masses of air or water about their own axis and therefore inwinds them radially->axially. They trigger off the mysterious negative pressure, which Professor Sauerbruch discovered in the thorax. In 1908 his superior, Professor Mikolitsch, declared that Professor Sauerbruch was out of his mind, when the latter asserted that without this negative pressure it would be impossible to breathe. Nor would any uptake of nutrients be possible. However, Professor Sauerbruch failed to appreciate that this concerned the development of diamagnetic, reactive forces, which evolve in the self-inwinding blood and sap vessels.

New findings of research have indicated that the Earth rotates in spiral space-curves about its diamagnetic axis. This axis is no axle, but a negatively potentiated concentration of dynagen, which arises through this inwinding motion. The axis itself is something akin to a hole into which seminal substances are sucked. Had science perceived this earlier, then the suffocating death of water would never have happened. It must also be mentioned in this regard, that over-illuminated and warmed water inevitably decays.

1 Logarithmical: Viktor also makes use of the 'Golden Mean' or 'Fibonacci ratio' in the construction of such pipes and their graduated attenuation in the ratio 1:0.618033988. - Ed.

Every river regulation is a crime, because the water migrates towards the riverbank owing to the cessation of its complex, curvilinear, flow pattern. Vortices are unable to develop, which suck in the oxygen like miniature cyclones and enable the water to breathe. Regression and the development of cancer then ensues.

This fact is easy to prove and can be demonstrated by all pressure-turbine systems. Indeed, the destruction of quality should be proof enough. The progressive extinguishing of the life-force daily furnishes evidence of this. Those who do not wish to travel this cancerous road, will buy biotechnical machines and appliances, in the same way they buy health products in the health food stores that are springing up like mushrooms.

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