The Production of Noble Water Drinking Water An Assembly of Pertinent Data from Implosion Magazine

The whole problem lies in the creation of breathing water using a technical appliance. First of all the water must actually be alive. For this it has to be made to in-roll and then out-roll again. If one wishes to achieve the desired potentiation of the noble water, then its previous potential must be eliminated. This happens by starting off with distilled water into which the trace elements are introduced, that are to be found in certain medicinal springs. The starting temperature is about +20°C (+68°F) and the end temperature +4°C (+39.2°F). Aloys Kokaly, Implosion Magazine, No. 51, p. 12.

If the temperature in the (springwater producing) apparatus reaches +4°C (39.2°F), the 'process of cold oxidation' is inaugurated, whereby the oxygen, which becomes passive in this condition, is bound or emulsified by the hydrogen, which has become aggressive. The 'Eternally Feminine' winds the 'Masculine' into herself and allows herself to be fertilised. Viktor Schauberger, Implosion Magazine, No. 21, p. 5.

For this purpose a little ice must be added. The apparatus holds about 11 litres (2.9 gal.) (see figs. 24-26) It is filled to the brim with water so that all air is excluded. It is then sealed, about 4 litres (1.06 gal) of carbon-dioxide impressed and about 4 litres of water drained. The appliance is then set in motion. The sucking function of the vortex evolving in the device, entrains the carbon-dioxide into the water very quickly and a vacuum develops. Under the effect of this vacuum, the various mineral and metallic trace elements become incorporated in the water. With the drop in temperature from +17°C (+62.6°F) to +4°C (+39.2°F) the oxygen becomes inactive, whereas the carbones and hydrogen become highly active. The water becomes hungry for oxygen. Such water, drunk fresh, breaks down all excess acidity in the body. The over-acidified cells can then breathe again and take up oxygen. Return to health follows.

Aloys Kokaly, Implosion Magazine, No. 51, p. 12.

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