The Repulsine

From Implosion Magazine, No. 36, written in Vienna, 1944.

What is it? What is it for? What does science say about it? These three questions are asked repeatedly. They will therefore be answered first in general terms and then in more detail. The Repulsine is a germinal-matter generator with which humanity can once more be returned to Paradise and whence all wearers of mitre-boards, gowns, cassocks and cowls will have been expelled by fire and sword. Science and its berobed representatives would no longer be asked for their opinion and they will all be indicted regardless of whether they are knowingly or unknowingly guilty - questions they will have to decide for themselves. They will be accused of being accessories to the crime against the germinating force. Generally speaking, this relates to the suppression of the production of qualigen for the purpose of creating an artificial shortage of food; for fostering an increasing feeble-mindedness; for promoting a constant and thriving trade in foodstuffs; for ensuring that the sheep on this increasingly barren heath are not well paid by promulgating a belief that does not accord with the truth. The suppression of qualigen was therefore the precondition for the filthiest traffic there ever was, is or will be.

In order to power its machines, today's science gives priority to an oxidising or metabolic process, wherein oxygen (atmospheric oxygen) - the natural stuff of breath - consumes the lower oxide or protoxide1 (a type of metallic calc or calx2)

1 Protoxide: The oxide of an element that contains the smallest amount of oxygen of any of its oxides. Collins English Dictionary. — Ed.

2 Calx = calcined metal, the powdery oxide formed when an ore or mineral is roasted, or another name for calcium oxide. Calcined = to heat a substance so that it is oxidised, reduced or loses water.; to oxidise as a result of heating Metallic = of a metal element existing in the free state, rather than in combination. Collins English Dictionary. - Ed.

which contains valuable growth-factors and which is a geospheric formative substance.

This interchange of substance (metabolism,) is referred to as the 'normal' combustion process and people are of the mistaken opinion, that it gives rise to those carrying, shifting and orienting forces that move and animate our bodies. This 'normal' process of combustion, whose dynamic product Nature uses to break down, decompose and eliminate the evolutionally unfit, is triggered in such a way that at about +40°C (+104°f), through the application of heat or fire, the oxygen becomes aggressive and belligerent. If it is heated further, then it becomes even freer and more dangerous, leading to the decomposition of blood, water and sap. At this point all life-functions of whatever kind cease in all growing, living and autonomously moving things.

The reason for this is the growing inactivity of the protoxide, which becomes less and less active as the above-normal temperature rises. The end-product of this immobilising process is annihilating fire. The dynamic product of this metabolic process is an increase in the 'normal' rising, expanding, and braking form of heat. This heat-form is alone responsible for the decomposition and elimination of the genetically and physically unsound as well as everything else that has failed to contribute to the progress of evolution.

The antithesis of this growth-inhibiting form of heat is a. falling and concentrating heat-form, which gives life to all those things destined to vegetate, reproduce and separate. It ensures growth and improves the condition of raw materials. The purpose of these cold or cooling substances is to separate the low-grade from the high-grade in the higher realms of evolution and to transmute the latter into that, which the mysterious life- and motive-force gives to all living things. This 'higher inward fall' or ' supra-cadence'3 has as yet no name, It is an energy-form active in everything, in human beings, in animals and plants as well as in water, air and every organic structure. It accords them physical and spiritual growth, reproduction and upward evolvement and the increase in the quantity of raw materials and their ennoblement.

This organic product of synthesis was hitherto unknown. For this reason it is so named, because it endows all living things with the power to raise themselves up autonomously. It has remained unknown, because the form of motion was not perceived through which everything comes into being that we are able to see or become aware of all around us. This special form of motion will be called 'cycloid motion'. Blood makes use of it in the blood vessels, salts make use of it in plants and natural, untouched rivers avail themselves of it as they flow through the countryside. It is the ur-origin of the fount of qualigen. It is both cause and criterion of all emergent life. It is the living and moving 'connecting link', which weaves the mother-tissues in the womb of the Earth, as Goethe described the performance of this functional entity.

3 An inward and upward fall into a higher realm ol manifestation, either energetic or quasi-material. -Ed.

This energy-form will be consumed, however, if a river is warmed and its water becomes stale and energetically depleted. In this condition dangerous bacterial life, the seeds of decay, arise from bacteriophagous4 threshold matter, which serve both degeneration and decomposition. On the other hand, if the 'normal' metabolic process is inverted, then the opposite dynamic product comes into being with the aid of cycloid motion'. It is the initiator of health, which serves a higher form of development. It is the primal activator that Leonardo da Vinci called 'il primo motore'. It is vitalising force that Paracelsus named the 'life-elixir'; in short, it is the secret of all life and movement to which everything on Earth owes its life and mobility.

Therefore every living thing and all that moves and has its being of its own free will, owes its very existence to this 'cycloid motion'. If it tires and wanes, then physical life comes to an end. Once ended, the period of metaphysical development, the unfolding of the evolutionally older life5, the build-up of qualigen or the formation of 'higher influences' begins.

Science and technology scorn and scoff at anyone closely connected to Nature, who does something differently and more correctly and in so doing, reverses the metabolic process so harmful to growth. Quite logically therefore such individuals create the product of synthesis that promotes the build-up of qualigen. Today's science has no inkling that the formative fructigens react to centrifugence and that the seminal substances required for the development of more highly evolved products, react to centripetence. With the aid of cycloid motion and its analysing function, the smothered (de-animated) fructigen is separated from the animating oxygen (for in cycloid motion centripetence and centrifugence operate simultaneously). Science likewise has no idea that 'higher temperature influences' are able to change the characteristic inner properties completely (inversion of charge or potential) and reverse the polarities. In this connection it is to be noted that the formative fructigens become highly active and the debilitated oxygen inactive, due to the simultaneous action of catalytic and oligodynamic factors. With the simultaneous precipitating out of the erstwhile carrier-substance, the opposite product of synthesis comes into existence. It is quality itself in statu nascendi - the procreative embryo. This now consumes the counterweighing resistance to weightlessness and in this way develops into the primordial, formative force or the true stuff of levitation. Against this there is no gravity, i.e. everything will be carried aloft with elemental ur-force. Those scientists and technologists, who inaugurate the reversed metabolic process, therefore create the annihilating energy-form by the sweat of their brows. In contrast, the bio-ecotechnologist activates the naturalesque metabolic process and generates the life- and motion-promoting counterforce.

4 Bacteriophagous: see footnote 9, p. 14 -Ed.

5 Here is meant those entities or systems which exist at a later stage of evolution chronologically. — Ed.

In order to propagate this embryo of levitational matter mechanically, a ridiculously small amount of power is required - about 1/4 hp. Although there are very minor fluctuations, this impulsive and propulsive force always remains constant. As the motive force increases, more and more seminal substances (motion-impeding substances) are generated, whose polarity has been reversed in the process. In consequence the counter-active resistance they would otherwise offer is neutralised.

This diametrically opposed metabolic process or reversal of polarity is conditional on the inactivity of the oxygen and the highly active state of the protoxide. It is achieved through the effects of reactive temperatures, or more accurately, through the action of falling and concentrating heat and rising and expanding cold. The more intense the effect of these 'higher' influences, the moire inactive the oxygen and the more aggressive and ravening the protoxide becomes.

The crucial factor in the mechanical propagation of formative embryos is the naturalesque conversion of normal temperatures, whose effects are opposite in nature, into reactive functions. The exploitation of this discovery will completely revolutionise economic activity. It is therefore the machine, which makes the creation of these embryos of qualigen possible by reversing the polarities and functions of the component forces. It is the organ that provides the growth-promoting metabolic process in the organic raw material required for development.

If this concept is taken to its logical conclusion and these mechanically produced, formative embryos are combined with the various media of water, earth, sap and air, then the resultant productivity is truly staggering. From this moment on, everything into which qualigen has been incorporated, starts to reproduce itself and upwardly evolve. It begins to multiply itself qualitatively and to improve itself qualitatively. Logically therefore, the physical and mental condition of all humanity will also be raised indirectly and the standard of living rapidly improved, because the beneficial effects of incorporating additional levitative material into the various foodstuffs in this way, will be transferred to the human consumer. As if touched by a magic wand, even metals, minerals and the organisms of water and air, etc. will begin to flourish, to grow and to ennoble themselves. This is no fairytale, but experimentally proven fact and will change all contemporary economic, social and cultural conditions. In this regard one aspect requires special emphasis: The belief in the unity of mind, body and soul is here confirmed from a completely new quarter.

It is equally important to realise, however, that the suppression of the production of quality matter was no accident, but the result of a shrewd assessment by those who guide our thinking and saw in it the only possible means of dominating the 'common' people. Thus is also becomes understandable, why people are always so suspicious and so antipathetic towards everything new. But here we are concerned with the whole and naturally it will be said that the whole thing is too improbable to be true. It sounded equally improbable to those contemporaries of Goethe, however, when he asserted that people would one day be able to fly. Now and for the first time they can really do so. Indeed, in the near future what we today call 'flying' will only provoke roars of laughter.

The Suction Turbine

Viktor Schauberger, April 1958, Implosion Magazine, No.114, pp 54-57

The abundance-producing water wheel, which functions using centrifugal pressure, principally consists of a double membrane (see plan and cross-section in fig. 30), which rotates anti-clockwise about a vertical axis with the aid of a low-power drive motor.

The so-called whorl-pipe is wound around the vertical shaft centred on this axis. Viewed from below, the whorl-pipe rotates in a clockwise direction and without any resistance, sucks up the centripetally compressed drive-water.

The faster the drive motor propels the water (which is orbiting about and rotating within itself) through the double-membrane, the greater the quantity of water scooped up by the intake at the lower end of the whorl-pipe, which swirls inwards and upwards in a clockwise direction only to be centrifugated outwards and downwards in rhythmically alternating horizontal and vertical currves, and then centripetated inwindingly again in systems of nozzles. That is to say: Continuous (= one-sided) rotation has a braking effect. Therefore: Ascent of the water in the whorl-pipe clockwise. This is followed by the swirling expulsion of the water in the double-membrane right out to the egg-shaped nozzle opening6 in which, under enormous centrifugal pressure, the drive-water is once again moved centripetally. It then flows at a very high exit velocity into the lower hermetically sealed pressure chamber, which, under hydraulic excess pressure, then impels the water originally drawn up by the suction whorl-pipe back towards the whorl-pipe intake.7 This means: The suctional force must be and so remain the predominant force throughout the whole sequence of motion. The pressure components,

6 Egg-shaped nozzle opening; This may refer to the egg-shaped cavities above and below the exit nozzles, at the right and left hand sides of the section shown in fig. 32, which actually form a double dough-nut or double toroid pressure-chamber around the periphery of the device. On the other hand, the nozzles may also haw the profile of the pipe described in the following patents: Austria: No. 196680 —1951, Portugal: No. 29,729 — 1953, France : No. 1.057.576 —1953, Brazil: No. 43,431 —1953 on p. 107 or the nozzles shown in fig. 29.- Ed.

7 Although not shown, this infers the presence of an egg-shaped enclosing vessel. — Ed.

which exert the more subordinate pressure, must never act in a purely vertical direction, but always tangentially and at an angle of about 32°. And for this reason: A cycloid-spiral-space-curve is always produced so that the moved mass inwinds from the periphery towards the centre in such a way that the centre of gravity of the unequally heavy (bipolar) masses (i.e. the oxygen - atomic weight 16) is displaced into the centre of the axis8. Here the oxygen is cooled (falling [positive] temperature-gradient) and in this condition is encircled and bound (emulsified = consumed and digested) by the hydrogen of opposite polarity, which actually has an upward velocity of about 2 m/sec.

The product of this emulsive process (the ur-procreative act) is diamagnet-ism. Functioning as levitational force (autonomous resurrective energy), it raises naturalesquely moved water to the highest mountain peaks (viz. true high-mountain springs). The movement of blood and sap is equally the product of the above emulsion = the inner combination (marriage) of opposing bipolar basic substances in order to re-create a unity (individuality) comprised of opposites.

Today's technology operates exclusively with excess pressure and disregards the developmentally important suctional components. What is achieved, therefore, is an increase in pressure, friction and heat. These result in the reversed emulsive effects, which in turn produce predominantly dielectric forms of flow-motion. Since heat is the lowest form of electricity and electricity decomposes water, sap and blood, retrogressive development (= cancer) must ensue all down the line.

Whereas excess pressure oppresses all growth, under-pressure (slight suction or vacuum) - the upwardly impelling diamagnetic force - fosters it.

The faster the double-membrane's drive-motor rotates, the more drive-water is uptaken and the higher the centripetal compression becomes, which then discharges through the pressure nozzles. This intensifies the rotary force in the opposite direction, which must be braked with a dynamo (electric current generator) in order to prevent the rupture of the suction turbine and its disintegration due to constantly increasing centrifugal pressure.

The centripetal compression in the nozzles is regulated by the rate of rotation of the drive-motor. Acting together the two magnitudes of compression and rotation determine the overall power output which, produced by the nozzle pressure, acts in the opposite direction to that of the discharge. This once agagin provokes hydraulic excess pressure in the hermetically sealed pressure-chamber, which then reinforces the volume of water sucked up by the whorl-pipe.

Since in this rhythmical reciprocity between centrifugal pressure and centripetal suction - therefore through reactive forces - the power increase by

8 This action is akin to the way that a top or an egg will stand up and spin about the longitudinal axis on its point if spun on its side, or like the weight compensating gyration of a washing machine in the spin-dry phase. — Ed.

the square of the rotational velocity, should the dynamo is suddenly be relieved of its load, provision must be made for regulating the suction turbine by throttling the water supply.

The suction turbine is the first machine that operates with reciprocally interactive reactive forces.

The immensity of the forces released through a properly constructed and precisely calculated suction turbine is attested by the well-known equation for centrifugal force.

If 1 litre (0.264 gal) = 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of water is centrifugated at 10,000 rpm at a radius of 10 cm (4 in.) and suddenly centripetated in the compression nozzles (see sketch - fig. 29), then at a discharge velocity of about 40 m/sec (130 ft / sec), which corresponds to a geological head of pressure of about 400 metres (1,312 ft), repulsive forces are freed, which are equivalent to an increase in pressure of 57,000 kg (125,400 lbs).

This solves the great problem of energy supply simply and cheaply, and what is more, naturalesquely.

What is and remains remarkable is that no-one understands how to transform the cheapest and most powerful reactive force - centrifugal force - into centripetal force (a reactive suctional force), through which the resistance to motion in all today's machines can be transformed into additional power. That is, instead of an efficiency of roughly 10% -12% as has been the case thus for, an efficiency of up 96% can be exploited.

Repulsine Board

Fig. 29: Sketches of nozzles fb)

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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