The Vacuum Turbine

From Spec. Ed. Mensch und Technik, Vol. 2, 1993, section 7.6.

The principle of this vacuum turbine consists in the fact that in a capillary tube and a double-spiral pipe in which electromagnets have been incorporated, an artificial thunderstorm or high electrical atmospheric charge develops, which transmutes the elements of the air into electrical energies. These discharge themselves into the sidewalls and from there are conducted downwards as heat by way of diffusion. Through the re-formation of aeriform substances into energies, a self-intensifying physical vacuum is created in a forward or upward direction and owing to the succession of downwardly directed heat-gradients, a strong upcurrent of air develops, which after a few seconds intensifies to cyclonic force.

This provides the basis for silent, fuel-less aircraft, for through the physical vacuum created inside the machine, an airless space develops in front of it into which the machine itself is sucked. This suction can be intensified at will through the appropriate adjustment of the system of gills and lungs in the machine's interior, so that the motive force and the speed of the apparatus can be likewise increased as desired, because the repulsing air-piston is the actual propellant which, decomposed analytically, unleashes the physical counterflow.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

It seems like the efforts to find the best alternative energy sources are seriously being looked into by lots of countries including most US cities. One proof is the signing of the Kyoto Treaty. The main aim of the concerned group and individuals is to lessen the greenhouse gases and pollutants.

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