Higher battery voltage range

A modified output voltage range can be set up provided the TuneCharger threshold logic is well understood. Refer to the Technical Reference Manual for detailed drawings of the regular MTC 3.2 . Starting from the targeted battery voltage, the rule of thumb is to set the threshold voltage more than twice the nominal battery voltage Say you want to charge a 24V nominal battery. You may set the threshold voltage to 24 x 2.5 60 volt (this remains within the sizing of the regular MTC 3.2 capacitors)...

Contacts and jumpers

The Inh and Mon inputs are individual 2-pins contacts. The Battery voltage selector is a group of 3 x 2 pins. The end result will look like this 2.4 Control logic and doubler diodes The core of the control logic is composed if the PIC12F679 microcontroller and the TC4424 dual FET driver. Both may be soldered directly onto the PCB. Though, a 8-pins socket is provided in the kit for the PIC, as a provision to possibly support firmware update or user's change. Solder as well the logic supply chain...

Printed Circuit Board PCB

Free Energy Generators Schematics

All parts location and or reference is marked on the PCB as the silkscreen layer The reader is advised to first review the PCB vs. the schematic and parts list provided within the 2006-T-0001 Manual. MTC 3.2 Kit amp Experimenter's Guide Rev A TuneCharger EURL 2006 www.tunecharger.com 2 14