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For some time man has been looking for different ways to generate electricity. He has used water power, steam power, nuclear power and solar power. Recent papers written by Tom Bearden make a free energy generator possible. Tom Bearden, rather than patent his devices, chose to share them with people who had open ears. I myself have had numerous conversations with Tom Bearden. I found Tom to be one of the most reasonable men I have ever dealt with in this energy field. Most others would tell you stories of great machines they had, but would never present the truth with circuit diagrams or a look at the machine in question. Tom, on the other hand, clearly presents his ideas and discloses the concepts by means of which they work.

The facts I am about to present to you about free energy were never put into textbooks, only portions were. The textbooks have grounded people in conventional theory and made things very complicated. What I am about to explain is very simple; anyone can understand this theory and anyone who understands what he is doing can build this device.

I have been grounded in conventional theory for some eleven years. I have always tried to study the simplicity of of electrical circuits, but my mind wouldn't allow this because of my orthodox training. In any event, I had to change the way I was looking at things. I started to wonder, why do we need to have things so complicated? The truth of the matter is, we have been taught to consume or waste energy at every turn in our lives, so we jump into our cars, turn on lights, etc. In other words, we have been conditioned to waste energy and fuels lavishly, not realizing that someday, someone will sky-rocket our energy bills to a point where we will not be able to pay for these fuels. Everything will come to a stand-still. But laugh as you will, at that time Rube Goldberg machines will power your future. It probably will not be uncommon to see machines from the size of garbage cans to the size of two story apartment houses powering everything in sight. These machines will be using a force in nature never conceived by the conventionally trained mind of today.

The theory I am about to explain to you will bring you one step closer to gaining free energy.

To begin my story I must state I had a vision - looking for this energy. Many times I hammered my head into the ground, but I refused to give up in my search. Any person with a dream should never let it be wasted by fools, who will always say "you can't do that". All that statement really means is that they do not know how to do it.

There are many different ways to explain this theory. I will discuss the first one now.

The device is very simple and uses electronic circuits. Basically we drive a direct current motor with pulsed current from a battery, then utilize a special means to cause the battery to recharge itself.

First, the battery is connected to a simple flip-flop circuit which in turn drives a simple amplifier circuit. The load (motor) is connected to Q4 (2N5885, Fig. 3), or between the positive pole of the battery and the collector of the output power transistor. As the motor starts moving forward, the load condition is decreased and the motor draws very little electrical energy. As the energy drawn from the battery is decreased, the flip-flop circuit goes faster and faster to a certain point, which determi nes the speed of the ci rcu i t; however, we can vary the speed by adding certain things that are also simple. The idea is to pulse the motor in a certain time frame, drive a flywheel of some mass, and convert the mass's angular momentum to energy for our use, giving back to the battery all we have robbed from it during one power pulse plus adding a little bit more.

An easy way to look at this is to say the battery is 12 volts. To charge this battery we need at least 2 volts over the battery voltage, so we need 14 volts applied in the correct direction. (See Fig. #1)

Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator
Figure 1. Recharging battery from a generator.

Looking at Fig. 1 we can see that the generator is at 14 volts and the battery is at 12 volts so we have a reverse flow condition in the battery, which means the battery is in a charging condition. If, however, the generator did not make 14 volts but say only made 10.5 volts, the generator would act like a motor and just drain the battery away and the current meter would show discharge.

So far, this is all just conventional theory on how batteries are charged, and this is all you will find in textbooks, except for some books that tell you how to make special power supplies to charge batteries faster. With the machine I am going to describe to you, we will do better than that; we can actually boil the battery away if the device is not properly constructed.

Let's begin by stating certain facts. The ions move backwards under charging conditions and in reverse under discharging conditions. So here we start our new concept. Suppose we have constructed a machine that has tricked this battery into a different space and time relationship. Simply put, suppose the battery never did any work and it should have its full charge left in it. Suppose this becomes possible because we have stressed the terminals in such a way that the ions in the battery electrolyte actually move themselves backwards.. The machine, or unit, that makes this possible has many different names. Some people call these units generators, energizers, alternators, etc. Conventionally such devices have one thing in common; they stress the battery backwards by pushing electricity to the battery and forcibly pushing the ions in the electrolyte backwards. In our theory we are not going to push anything - the ions are going to move themselves, recharging the battery.

If we go a little deeper into this theory, you are probably asking yourself "what is this madman talking about?" Simply put, we are going to put a stress on the battery terminals for a moment in time and the battery will do the rest. Now comes the heavy part of this theory. What they didn't teach you in textbooks is that, in order for the battery to charge, two oscillatory actions must occur, one at the positive terminal and one at the negative terminal. Under different stress levels this then forces the ions backwards. The same would occur for an electron. Our machine will slingshot i^ns in the battery electrolyte backwards beyond the normal recoil action. (See Fig. #2)

xcns Move BACfcU/ARDS

xcns Move BACfcU/ARDS

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