Fig. 13 A Physical construction

Figures 13A, 13B. Split commutator with 3 brushes.



Figure 14. Prototype hookup.

A photo of a prototype, is shown in Fig. #15. Fig. #16 is a diagram of the device I am now building as the second phase of this development.

The devices shown are my original concepts, of which I have actually built several working models. These have been witnessed by reliable observers. Several of these units are being constructed by friends and acquaintances, based on my instructions.

For those who wish to build and make improvements in the units described, the very best of luck to you. I am willing to offer suggestions to those who are truly involved and need some assistance.


John C. Bedini April 9, 1984

Figure 15. - Prototype of Free Energy Unit

* 12 VOLT Motor w

Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

Do we really want the one thing that gives us its resources unconditionally to suffer even more than it is suffering now? Nature, is a part of our being from the earliest human days. We respect Nature and it gives us its bounty, but in the recent past greedy money hungry corporations have made us all so destructive, so wasteful.

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