Figure 9. Rectified output from an A. C. generator.

In looking at the A.C. generator with rectified output, we see that it could become very useful to us as an energizer, simply because it is the easiest to construct and its principles are simple. I have done experiments with a little different variation of this machine, as shown in Fig. #10.

Figure 10.- Variation of a rectified A. C. generator.

According to the conventional books, this alternator principle applies this way, as shown in Fig. #11.

Figure 11. Conventional explanation.

In Fig. #10 most people can see that the alternator drawn here might have some problems. However, remember that I am looking for a certain type of wave form that

I want to tune to a certain frequency at a certain speed. The winding of this alternator is a problem and it is tricky, but I chose to stay with this unit. You may choose a different method if you retain the principle.

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