New Advance In Tesla Turbine Theory

Observant students of the disk turbine design might have wondered why some of Tesla's engines do not appear to use a labyrinth seal between the end disks and the corresponding engine casing end plates. After all, the patent drawings clearly show these seals and the accompanying text describes them at length. At the same time, photographs of the dual 200 H.P. turbine installed at the Edison Waterside plant in New York reveal an absence of this feature.

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It is believed the answer lies in the design of the engine's inlet nozzle. (click on image - left - for larger view) It has been proposed that the slot shaped nozzle might have been constructed in such a manner that the propelling gas was never allowed to enter directly into the two interdiscular spaces nearest to the ends of the rotor.

In other words, it is believed the nozzle slot was narrower than the overall width of the rotor, by slightly more than two spaces. It might be said that the total number of disks was greater by two than the number of active disks. For example, a turbine with 25 disks, including the thicker end disks, might be described as having 23 active disks. This would allow any of the propelling gas which did get past the outermost active disks to pass through the two outermost interdiscular spaces rather than between the end disks and the engine's end plates.

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Tesla's two variations of inlet nozzles

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In FIG #4, Tesla used a variable inlet nozzle #12, and controlled the amount of gas entering by a movable "block" - #13.

Note that also, in FIG #4, the inlet and exhaust port size was increased, to allow for more power, on demand.

Tesla, in FIG #5 used a diverging inlet nozzle -#15, controlled by a "butterfly" valve, #16 .

This design was to be incorporated into Tesla's ''flying machine'', with two 10'' turbines, rated at

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