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Welcome to "Frank.Germano.com". This website was created to provide some "fresh air for a dying planet." Now, more than ever, we need to take a very hard look at how we are treating not only the planet Earth's resources, but also ourselves and our environment. I started planning this website by selecting two figures from our recent historical past, each of whom offered mankind, in general, the ability to expand beyond conventional limitations imposed by our deliberate, uncaring and wasteful treatment of our natural resources. These two men - Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger - no matter how great their contributions, nor how incredible their inventions, theories and ideas, have been (sadly) nearly forgotten by modern history. They each have been all but excluded from the classrooms of the school and college systems. Hopefully, in some small way, my website will encourage you to study the ideas presented herein, further.

This website also contains information and documentation on the Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine and Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Pump. These amazing engines and pumps were originally invented by Dr. Nikola Tesla in the early 1900's. You will explore volumes of forgotten information on the life, inventions and dreams of one of the most important figures in modern times. Numerous articles, documents, and period newspaper publications, pertaining to Tesla's dreams and predictions of the future (from a late 19th to early 20th century standpoint, mind you), as well as many items found nowhere else on the web, are presented.

I have included several pages dealing with the theories of the Water Wizard - Viktor Schauberger. I have done my best at interpreting and extrapolating the information contained in his patents, and presenting it in a format which, hopefully, will be understood by most everyone. It is my belief, that by combining Schauberger's theories on the "living energies" contained in water with the Tesla Turbine, a radical approach to how we obtain and distribute electrical energy will result. Non-polluting, environmentally sound, readily obtainable, virtually "free" energy, that can be distributed economically to everyone on the planet. At the very least, it will be a revolutionary concept. I have gathered together most of Viktor Schauberger's wonderful inventions, and a very large database of information about his intuitive, far-reaching environmental theories. I think you will be quite taken back at the scope of his work. Take your time and enjoy each section...There are also TWO active Yahoo Lists that you can join to learn more about our technology - the Tesla Turbine List, and the Viktor Schauberger List. Thanks for visiting. FDG.

Finally, in the same thoroughness that I apply to the scientific research on Tesla and Schauberger, I offer a section on Christian study. If you feel like confronting the facts presented in the Word of GOD -the Bible - take a look through the sections presented. I have pretty much covered many of the controversial, and too often miss-understood, subjects. Compliments of one the most fantastic teachers of God's Word; Pastor Arnold Murray, the Shepherd's Chapel, Gravette, Arkansas.

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