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So just what the heck is this thing?! The BDT TT engine has a weight to output horse power ratio of up to an unbelievable 10 HP per pound. It has the ability to run on almost any fuel. It is incredibly compact

1- 1- 1- j j and lightweight. Pollution output from the exhaust of even the propane version is FAR below that of even [^today's best standard engines. The system also lends itself in use as an "air to air" refrigeration system 311100101 without the need for harmful Freon gasses. The engine, by its very nature of operation is perfectly suited to "Turbo/Electric" applications. The BDT-TT engine is unequaled in it's simplicity and output, far exceeding any other conventional engine to date.

Solar Power Sensation V2

Solar Power Sensation V2

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