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Rather than acting as a radiator, the large metallic spheroid, now known as an isotropic capacitance, which Tesla positioned above the extra coil was intended only as a reservoir for electrical charge. Another important component of Tesla's Long Island apparatus was an underground array of iron pipes which extended outward from the bottom of a deep shaft beneath the transmitter tower. When coupled with the transmitter these pipes provided a connection to the earth through which a powerful oscillating electrical current would flow. Unlike a conventional radio transmitter with an antenna that radiates dissipating electromagnetic waves out into space, the magnifying transmitter's extra coil excites a low-frequency ground wave called the Zenneck surface wave. In this case the propagating energy does not radiate into space but is concentrated near the earth's surface. Furthermore, Tesla asserted that it is possible to periodically disturb the equilibrium of the earth's electrical charge and cause it to oscillate with his apparatus. This would be accomplished by superposing an extra low frequency baseband signal on the somewhat higher frequency signal coursing through the resonator -- the low frequency current in the presence of an enveloping corona-induced plasma of free charge carriers produced by the oscillator in effect "pumping" the earth's charge.

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