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"Just what is your new invention?" I asked. "I have accomplished what mechanical engineers have been dreaming about ever since the invention of steam power," replied Dr. Tesla. "That is the perfect rotary engine..." Nikola Tesla, 1911

As anyone who reads today's headlines, or watches a Television newscast , one does not need to look far to realize that our Nation is in an immediate energy crisis. This is not only happening in the United States, loo'but appears World-Wide. We have relied on outdated forms of "prime movers" and inefficient forms of 311100101 power generation and supply for nearly a century. The technology, in the form of the original Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine, was applicable in Tesla's time...it is not only beneficial, but may be [^¬°critical to implement this technology in OUR time! looioioo(

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[^¬°Everyone hears the buzzwords - "decentralized power stations"...I do not have the space here to amplify ?00101 oo( on the exact definition, however, it is quite probably the most cost effective solution to our current electrical energy situation. Small, efficient "powerhouses-in-a-hat" (the term coined by the media of Tesla's day for the Tesla Turbine) will be employed in towns, communities, groups of houses, and around large cities, augmenting the current Utilities power supply. We are in the enviable position of being quite able to assist end-consumers in this energy crisis.

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