Tesla postulated the ability to locate objects in the air or in the ground by using radio waves. Today, we call it "RADAR", and when used to peer into the human body, "MRI". Tesla also created radio

■ j controlled devices., or "Teli-autonomotons". His work with special gas filled lamps set the stage for the creation of fluorescent lighting, and neon lights.

Tesla patented dozens of devices ranging from speedometers to extremely efficient electrical generators. One unique device was his bladeless boundary disk turbine. Instead of using fan-type blades, Tesla's turbine utilized solid disks of metal, and relied on what is called the "boundary layer effect". His turbine ran on either compressed air or steam or gasoline explosions, and was so efficient that a device held in the hand could produce well over 10 horsepower!

One of the largest turbines that Tesla designed pumped out 10,000 Horse-power, and was about one fifth the size and weight of the engines of its day. Today, this bladeless technology


is being used in a special type of non-clogging pump designed for the oil industry. The turbine is awaiting commercial use, and public acceptance., but developments are rapidly making it again seem attractive. Frank Germano, Guy Letourneau, Tad Johnson and Martin Dorantes, of International Turbine And Power, of Cody Wyoming, USA, is pioneering the design of a special Tesla-Type turbine for the commercial power markets. This turbine can be run on any combustible fuel (propane, methane, gasoline, diesel, hydrogen), steam, or even water under pressure.

It has been said that Tesla is the "Forgotten Father of Technology." It is hard to believe that a man who gave the world so much, received so little for his efforts. History books have been equally unkind.

In many parts of this country, people still refer to the electric utility as the 'Edison Company', even though they use the Tesla-Westinghouse alternating current system, not Edison's direct current. At the Niagara Falls power generating station, a small statue of Tesla is purposely left un-illuminated at night. I have visited this statue, and it is a quite stunning statement to witness the statue in complete darkness, with the surrounding area ablaze with lighting supplied from Tesla's own inventions.

Tesla also had a deep desire to provide wireless electricity across the globe. First, there was the patent infringement issue, which made millionaires of others, particularly the Marconi Company. But Tesla maintained a single-minded focus on developing global wireless communications and energy systems. Working in Colorado Springs in 1899, Tesla developed a transmitter to perfect a method by which transmitted energy could be channeled through natural media.

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tesla built a laboratory to develop this. The Colorado Springs lab contained the largest Tesla Coil ever built. Called the Magnifying Transmitter, it was capable of generating some 300,000 watts of power, and could produce a bolt of lightning over 130 feet long. According to local accounts, Tesla actually managed to successfully transmit about 30 to 50 thousand watts of power, without wires, using the Transmitter. There are detailed accounts of these feats, below.

Two years later, 1901, working on Long Island at Wardenclyffe, he set to work on his ultimate goal: construction of a "world telegraphy center" that was to have a lab, a wireless transmitter and production facilities for manufacturing oscillators and vacuum tubes. Constructed on the "model city's" 1,800 acres would be homes, stores and buildings to accommodate 2,500 workers... at least, that was the dream...


By that year's end, however, Marconi had usurped the inventor by transmitting an overseas signal. That left Tesla at the mercy of his financier, J.P. Morgan, who literally pulled the plug on his vision. Morgan, at the time the prime force behind General Electric Co., may have been unnerved by Tesla's claims that the technology could transmit "unlimited power" by wireless means. The word "free" did not translate well to Morgan. Again, the money flow came to a halt.

Some Tesla devotees suspect he may have been a pioneer of the transistor. "Inventors of the modern computer have repeatedly been surprised, when seeking patents, to encounter Tesla's basic ones already on file," noted Tesla historian Leland Anderson, a former EE and a board member of the Wardenclyffe project. Indeed, two of Tesla's patents from 1903 contain the basic principles of the logical "AND" circuit element. Tesla went on to experiment with actual wireless transmission of electrical power.

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