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[o^ Almost a quarter of the air pollution today comes from the coal being burned to generate Looioioot electricity. Fuel consumption, resulting in air pollution and acid rain, could be significantly reduced simply by replacing the conventional blade steam turbines currently used by utilities with the Bladeless Tesla

Steam Turbine (BDT). This also would have the added bonus of drastically reducing maintenance. But the real solution lies in using low temperature wet steam occurring naturally from the ground in the form of 311100101

geothermal energy. This energy would destroy a conventional bladed steam turbine, unless expensive steam drying is employed. However, the Bladeless Tesla Steam Turbine (BDT) requires no drying and can be connected directly to the geothermal source!!!

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It has been estimated that the geothermal potential in just Southern California alone, could power the entire North American Continent with NO POLLUTION! Dare to take us up on this (offer) statement, and the United States will be provided with an unlimited, free energy supply - directly from the steam (heat source) of the Earth, itself. Add to this the large geothermal potential of Wyoming (think of the geysers in "Yellowstone National Park" - that's geothermal energy), Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, and you will begin to get the picture of the enormous geothermal potential available in the Northwestern states alone. Large oil companies have comprehended the potential of geothermal energy and have purchased many of these large tracks of prime geothermal land. Due to the [^¡revolutionary concepts embodied in this engine, we can easily end the so called energy crisis and looioioo(

dramatically reduce pollution. Even the vested energy interests are beginning to understand that now is the time for change, realizing their future health and wealth is directly linked to that of the environment.

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