Investor Information: Our main focus is in the Research and Development field. We welcome the opportunity to design and build fully operational Tesla-type turbines and pumps for other individual |qq!corporations and businesses. Investors are encouraged to contact us, directly. We also can work in a joint-^[J venture capacity, with certain contracts. When the turbine, pump, "Fresh-Cool", "Centrifugal Molecular Turbine" and "InVAID" systems become commercially available, it is our firm belief that we can attain a massive market share and offer an extremely high return on invested dollars, in a very short timeframe. [^¡Note: the BDT TT, CMIT and InVaid systems are patentable. Guy Letourneau, P.E. has already garnered patents on several key areas of the BDT construction. There is no other company that we are aware of that can offer this amazing technology. Contact us directly for a full disclosure.

*As stated in many different locations on this site and webpage, all of our units are in the |qq!prototype stage! The cost for each of these units and systems is, therefore, based on applying our ^[J standard engineering fee ($165.°° per hour for design services) ejus the individual cost of manufacture, shipping and installation. ** For qualified individuals and investors interested in making a commercial release feasible and profitable, please see below for further information.

.oo: Jim loii Components of the CMIT bladeless engine, below: ?ooi!

1.) Internal Components 2.) Internal Components 3.) Operational Engine 4.) Thumbnail view internal components (click for larger view) 5.) (click for larger view). All images courtesy of ^oJJ

"International Turbine And Power, LLC." Used by permission. Copyright© Protection applies. What you are looking at below is one of our BDT (bladeless disk turbines) both operational, and with its internal component structure. Pretty simple. Our corporate entity, formerly "International Turbine And Power, [ft!LLC," has done what most have felt was impossible - we have proved the validity of Tesla's claims about the bladeless disk, boundary layer turbine and pump. They are the most efficient, perfect rotary engines and pumps available today. Note:You may not copy nor distribute images without permission from International Turbine And Power, LLC. For the history of our bladeless disk turbine's development, use this link - Operational BDT units.

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