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The BDT TT engine, pump, "InVaid", "Fresh-Cool", and "CMIT" systems are in prototype stages. We have fully functional units which we will gladly demonstrate at our facilities in Austin, Texas. For a confidential demonstration of our technology, contact us at the address below.

Information On Prototypes and Special Requests: For a response, either on the dates of availability, the engines themselves, investment opportunities, or for companies and individuals interested in purchasing our engine, pump, or system packages in a PROTOTYPE stage immediately, please contact us by email, directly. We will respond to each email, based on priority, as quickly as possible. We can also evaluate any and all requests for installation of our technology in your present structures.

Standard Engineering Fee for consultation: Mr. Frank Germano, Mr. Martin Dorantes, and Mr. Guy Letourneau, P.E. charge a standard engineering fee of - $165.00 per hour for answering requests toiiand provides detailed reports on our technology to qualified individuals and investors. This fee is look refundable if purchase of one of our products is made within 90 days of the request and the delivery of the requested unit. Contact one of us through email links below for a full description of the services offered.

We can easily look at all commercial applications and review your presently installed systems and offer suggestions and/or improvements to the existing system. By incorporating our technology, a quite ^[j substantial improvement in efficiency as well as energy savings will almost definitely result.


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Solar Power Sensation V2

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