Free Space Inductance Is Infinite

Stcinmetz in his book on the general or unified behavior of eiectridty THE THEORY AND CALCULATION OF TRANSIENT ELECTRIC PHENOMENA AND OSCILLATION, points out that the inductance of any unit length of an isolated filamentary conductor must be infinite. Because no image currents exist to contain the magnetic field it can grow to infinite size. This large quantity of energy cannot be quickly retrieved due to the finite velocity of propagation of the magnetic field. This gives a non reactive or energy component to the inductance which is called electromagnetic radiation.


InihcaforcmcntionedbooksofSteinmetzhedevelops some rather unique equations for capadty. Tcsla derated an enormous portion of his efforts to dielectric phenomena and made numerous remarkable discoveries in this area. Much of this work is yet to be fully uncovered. It is my contention that the phenomena of diclectriaty is wide open for profound discovery. It is ironic that we have abandoned the lines of force concept associated wiih a phenomena measure in the units called farads after Faraday, whose insight into forces and fields has led to the possibility of visualiration of the electrical phenomena.

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