Free Energy Charger Circuit

Free Energy Car
Figure 13-4 Solar-powered phone charger schematic: car charger.
Usb Solar Charger Circuit
Figure 13-5 Solar-powered phone charger schematic: USB type.

Project 3M: Build Your Own Solar-Powered Radio

You will need

Ferrite rod antenna 60-160 pF variable capacitor BC183 transistor 10 nF capacitor 0.1 mF capacitor x 2 470 pF capacitor 220 R resistor 1 k resistor 100 k resistor x 2 10 k potentiometer Speaker PV cell

PCB stripboard


• Soldering iron

A solar radio is another great idea! Never mind "Desert Island Discs," with a solar radio, you can ensure that if you are ever marooned, you are able to listen to your favorite radio stations!

In this circuit we are going to build a simple AM radio that is powered by the sun.

There are some commercially available radios powered by solar energy; however, it is relatively easy to build your own. We are basing this circuit around the MK484 integrated circuit, which takes all the hassle out of building a simple radio. The integrated circuit looks like a transistor with three pins, and reduces the amount of external components needed considerably.

The schematic for the circuit is shown in Figure 13-6.

The radio has two controls. The variable capacitor changes the frequency that you are tuned to, and the potentiometer acts as a volume control for the simple transistor amplifier.

There are a number of commercially available solar radios; one idea for mounting, which you

Solar Charger Circuit Schematic

Figure 13-6 Solar AM radio schematic.

O rt

Figure 13-6 Solar AM radio schematic.

could easily accomplish with the solar radio circuit above, is to mount the circuit in a set of headphones, like the solar radio shown in Figure 13-7.

The radio in Figure 13-8 is the "Freeplay" wind-up radio invented by Trevor Bayliss. It uses

Inventor The Wind Radio

two renewable energy sources—solar power, and for less sunny days "human wind-up power" in order to make sure that even when the sun doesn't shine, you aren't without your tunes!

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