Boost Vour Solar Output

Our most popular SB50L, SB3048L & SB6024HL controllers are ETL listed to U11741, and CSfl/CE requirements.

Ulith Patented SOLAR BOOST1,11

Featured in Home Power magazine "Things That UJork" issue 973 and 177.

new Solar Boost 6024HL - 24U 60f) mPPTj Controller with 36/48U PU input.

Stop throwing away that extra power and use a Solar Boost maximum Power Point Tracking (mPPTJ charge controller.

Solar Boost charge controllers can deliver up to 30% more power to your batteries ouer conventional controllers.

mPPT Charge Controllers. RU Power Products- The recognized leader in quality IHPPT charge controllers. Available in 12/24/48 uolt.

RVpower products

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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