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Home Power's original design was incredibly long-lived. Stan Krute and I created it back in the day. The year was 1986. The design was tailored to the fact that the magazine was printed on newsprint (like a newspaper) on newspaper presses—hardly the most accurate printing process.

These days, Home Power is printed on very accurate, high speed, printing presses. We're using modern electronic prepress techniques—digital photography, PostScript art, and higher resolution type fonts made possible by digital direct-to-plate printing techniques.

After seventeen years, we decided it was high time to make a substantial change to the magazine's appearance. We didn't make this change lightly. Our new look is the result of many months of work by the Home Power crew. Ben and Eric, Home Power's art department, were fearless moderators during passionate design collaboration that went on for hours, days, and months.

A magazine's design is much like the user interface of a computer program, or a well organized kitchen. The reader, nerd, or cook becomes accustomed to where things are and how they work. Home Power's new design maintains some of the successful interface styles of the original design—continuous articles uninterrupted by advertising, and large page numbers and headers. It also adds some new design elements, like more technical sidbars.

Of course, we want to look good too. The most important motive of our redesign is to entice, convince, and teach more people to use renewable energy. There has never been a time when the world and its people needed RE more than right now. Renewable energy can make us free—free to live where we want, even beyond the utility lines, free to have a clean environment, free from monthly electricity bills, free from power outages, and free from energy-induced wars. We at Home Power are on a mission—we are going to change the way people make and use energy. We are going to change this world one rooftop at a time. Read this magazine—join us!

- Richard Perez for the Home Power crew

Think About It

Even after all these years, the Sun never says to the earth, "You owe me." Look what happens—with a love like that, it lights the whole sky.

Hafiz, the Great Sufi Master

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Paper and Ink Data: Cover paper is Aero Gloss, a 100#, 10% recycled (postconsumer-waste), elemental chlorine-free paper, manufactured by Sappi Fine Paper. Interior paper is Ultra LWC Glossy, a 45#, 100% postconsumer-waste, totally chlorine-free paper, manufactured by Leipa, an environmentally responsible mill based in Schwedt, Germany. Printed using low VOC vegetable-based inks. Printed by St. Croix Press, Inc., New Richmond, WI.

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Editor Joe Schwartz

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Power Columnist Ian Woofenden

Senior Research Editor & Power Politics Columnist Michael Welch

Art Director Benjamin Root

Graphic Designer & Article Submissions

Coordinator Eric Grisen

Chief Information

Officer Rick Germany

Data Acquisition

Specialist AJ Rossman

Solar Thermal

Editor Ken Olson

Solar Thermal Technical Reviewers Chuck Marken Smitty Smith


Editors Shari Prange Mike Brown

Home & Heart

Columnist Kathleen


Code Corner

Columnist John Wiles

Independent Power Providers Columnist Don Loweburg

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