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Tapping 12 VDC

Hello, I'm upgrading my power system from 12 VDC to 24 VDC. I know that it's common now to run an inverter-only system, but I have many 12 V appliances that I'd like to keep. It doesn't make sense to me to keep the inverter awake constantly to run the answering machine or charge the cell phone. Also, I've never gone a night without lights, which can't be said by anybody I know with an inverter-only setup. So what's the best way to tap 12 V from a 24 V battery bank? My cells are from a forklift battery (Champion, sealed, maintenance-free, 600 AH, 2,120 pounds). Thanks for this and all your work to give the world an alternative to "blood for oil." Ray • [email protected]

Hi Ray, Thanks for your compliments. We get your question quite often, now that RE systems are going for higher DC voltages. And we're hoping to run a comprehensive article on this subject in the near future.

There are basically two ways to get 12 V out of your 24 V battery bank. If your DC loads are significant in size, you may

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