Renewable Energy Gel Batteries

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ar Electric System:

For an earth restored and a world at peace. Solar, Wind, Hydro Independent Electric Power for the Remote Home where utility power is not available.

When you speak with Backwoods Solar, your questions are personally answered by people using the products everyday Our catalog / planning guide teaches the basics of installing solar electric residential power. We can refer you to skilled installers in most states. Our mountaintop business, shop, and home have been powered by equipment from our catalog for 25 years. Utility lines are still 2 miles away. We are a family business living with our products.


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Phone (208) 263-4290 FAX only (888) 263-4290 Website Email [email protected]

Visit us or write:

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems 1395-HP Rolling Thunder Ridge Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 USA

Shell Solar

You can expect more than business as usual

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