Schott Sapc-165 Module


A better idea at a new lower price

Installers. Contact us for our new "cheaper than component" pricing

Installers. Contact us for our new "cheaper than component" pricing urn the complete solar solution


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How do you improve on the SunRoof™ residential PV system, the most complete, highest performing and easiest to install PV system on the market?

You lower the price!! Complete PV System

The SunRoof™RS is the most complete system on the market. Every system uses the SAPC-165 Watt or the SAPC-123 Watt module (with a 25 year warranty) SMA Sunny Boy™ inverter, SolarMount™ racking, kilowatt hour meter, module wiring, combiner boxes and disconnects.

Easy Installation

The SunRoof™RS is designed for easy installation and fewer roof penetrations. One person can complete a typical installation in one day.

Quality and Reliability

The SunRoof™RS includes the highest quality and most reliable UL listed and CEC certified PV products and components.


Several different sizes are available from 1200 Watts to 2500 Watts. These can be combined to create larger systems.


Modules are backed with a new 25-year warranty.

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