Ham HF net. Amateur radio operators involved with RE & interested in an informal net, please contact Craig Miller, W8CR, 4085 Home Rd., Powell OH 43065 • [email protected].

Videos. Appalachia: Science in the Public Interest; Incl. Solar Dry Composting Toilets, Solar Hot Water Systems, PV, Solar Space Heating, Solar-Powered Automobiles, Quilted Insulated Window Shades, & more. Broadcast-quality tapes available. ASPI Publications • 50 Lair St., Mt. Vernon, KY 40456 • 606-256-0077 • [email protected]

American Wind Energy Assoc. Info about U.S. wind industry, membership, small turbine use, & more.

State & Fed. incentives for RE info. North Carolina Solar Center, Box 7401 NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695 • 919-515-3480 •

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC): Insulation Basics (FS142), Financing an Energy Efficient or RE Home (FS104), PV: Basic Design Principles & Components (FS231), Cooling Your Home Naturally (FS186), & Small Wind Energy Systems for the Homeowner (FS135). EREC, PO Box 3048, Merrifield, VA 22116 • 800-363-3732 • TTY: 800-273-2957 • [email protected]

Ask an Energy Expert: online questions to specialists. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network (EREN) • 800-363-3732 •

Stand-Alone PV Systems Web site: design practices, PV safety, technical briefs, battery & inverter testing. Sandia Labs,

Federal Trade Commission free pamphlets: Buying an Energy-Smart Appliance, Energy Guide to Major Home Appliances, & Energy Guide to Home Heating & Cooling. Energy Guide • 202-326-2222 • TTY: 202-326-2502 •

Solar Curriculum for schools. 6 week science curriculum or individual sessions. Free! 30 classroom presentations & demos. Florida Solar Energy Center • 321-638-1017 •

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