ULTRA LOW ENERGY - 25 TO 130 WATTS! The most efficient coolers on the planet. 12 & 24 Volt DC Evaporative Coolers KAR KOOL FOR YOUR VEHICLE

Call SOUTHWEST SOLAR (520) 885-7925 Tucson, Arizona, USA southwest-solar.com

Make every day special

The natural ingredients of our products get their energy from the sun

Make every day special

The natural ingredients of our products get their energy from the sun

Off the grid since 1980


42295 Hwy. 36, Bridgeville, Ca 95526

Phoenix Composting Toilet System

Odorless • Waterless • Large Capacity Low Energy Requirements • Owner-Friendly

Advanced Composting Systems

195 Meadows RD

Whitefish, MT 59937

Voice: 406-862-3854

Fax: 406-862-3855

[email protected]


Sunergy Systems, LTD

Box 70, Cremona AB T0M 0R0 Voice/fax: 403-637-3973 [email protected] In British Columbia: Voice: 250-751-0053 Fax: 250-751-0063

12 & 24 Volt DC Lighting

Montana Light, Low Voltage Lighting, & Thinlite LED, Full Spectrum Fluorescent & Halogen

We also carry timers and photoswitches In stock and ready to ship—Catalog Available vwvw.solarseller.com [email protected] (562) 423-4879 fax (562) 728-9941

John Drake Services, Inc., 1427 E. 68th St., Long Beach, CA 90805


Rugged 18" blade Ampair 100 produces up to 100 Watts continuously, 24 Hours per day, at wind speeds from 8 to 100+ mph. No brakes or furling needed...guaranteed at any windspeed! Veteran of 3 years continuous Antarctic service. Roof mount is OK; pole mount is better. Put it up, hook it up to the batteries and forget it!

Jack Rabbit Energy Systems

425 Fairfield Ave., Stamford, CT 06902 • (203) 961-8133 FAX (203) 961-0382 • e-mail: [email protected]


An Instructional Video Series on the Basics of Residential Renewable Energy

Residential Solar Electricity with Johnny Weiss, 48 min.

Johnny Weiss is one of the ^Uch founders and teachers at Solar Energy International, in Carbondale, CO.

Residential Wind Power with Mick Sagrillo, 63 min. Mick Sagrillo has installed and repaired over 1,000 wind turbines.

Residential Microhydro Power with Don Harris, 44 min. Don Harris has designed and manufactured over 1,000 microhydro power plants. Batteries with Richard Perez, Editor ev'eivec/ ,„ in Chief and founder of Home Power magazine.

Solar Water Pumping with Windy Dankoff, 59 min. Windy Dankoff has been designing and installing solar-powered water pumping systems for 15 years.

Shipping $5 USA, $6 Canada, $10 International Home Power, Inc., PO Box 275, Ashland, OR 97520

toll free in USA: 800-707-6585 • 541-512-0201 — ■ i Fax: 541-512-0343 '-!.■ .■ -I

V1SA kJ Web: wwwliomepower.com ISS

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable energy is energy that is generated from sunlight, rain, tides, geothermal heat and wind. These sources are naturally and constantly replenished, which is why they are deemed as renewable.

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