The Effect of Carbon Support on Catalyst Properties and Activity

A small number of studies have been published on the effect of different carbon supports on catalyst properties. As expected, increasing the surface area of the carbon leads to greater Pt dispersion at a given loading. Tokumitsu et al. (1999) reported that increasing the carbon surface from 60 m2g~' to over 1300 m2g~' leads to reduction in Pt particle size from 2.5 to 1.5 nm for 10 wt% catalysts. Similarly, Uchida et al. (1996) showed that Pt crystallite size decreased from 3.7 to 1.0 nm when the carbon surface area increased from 58 to 1500 m2g~' for a series of 23 to 24 wt% Pt catalysts.

However, despite the increases in Pt surface area achieved by higher-area carbon supports, both these studies showed little effect of carbon support on activity. It was suggested that both the Pt particle size effect and the interaction of the ionomer with the carbon support played important roles in determining activity.

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