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Copyright 1996 - 2003

Copyright 1996 - 2003

The Fuelless Heater

In our early days of testing, we made many different types of magnet coils to run our small test motor, we left no stone unturned, we found out real fast which size wire was an amperage hog and which one proved worthy enough to be used in our free energy motor. We found that the #36 fine hair wire was the best but harder to work with. #30 copper coated wire will work, but #36 is better using thousands of winds, High Voltage and a PVC plastic Air core bobbin type coil.

Fuelless Engine CoilFuelless Engine PlansFuelless Engine Plans Free

Copyright 1996 - 2003

" There are so many things yet to discover, so many things our eyes have not yet seen, We have only scratched the surface of electrical energy and free energy technology!"

The next 1,000 years I believe, will be a self powering, free energy world! Many homes will be enjoying the comfort of free Energy which hundreds of free energy inventors paid the price for.

The Ed Gray Engine Revealed!

We are going to reveal to you the simple secrete of the Ed gray Engine and the Fuel less Engine, The Ed Gray US Patent reveals much but not all, they left out the most important Part, what size wire to use for the high voltage electro magnets and how many turns.

I know of one customer, who was an electrical engineer; he built our Fuel less Engine with no Problem because he knew what I am about to tell you is common sense, he put his engine inside of an old caddy!

With this information you will be able to build a powerful free energy electrical motor to run a 20 kw 120 vac generator to run your home. If you use electrical heating you can also heat your home, or see our plans on the Fuel less Heater # 878PV plans and video only $49.95 all we ask is that you keep all of this to yourself, this is TOP SECRET STUFF! Just build Them for yourself and keep it to yourself.

By buying these plans and opening this envelope, you agree to keep this information contained in these plans to yourself, you agree not to try and manufacture this engine or show a working model to the news media, unless you get permission from us. We have redesigned this engine and therefore have rights to this information, anyone trying to copy these plans or Manufacturing the fuel less engine without our permission will face legal action. #362-RC is Copy written 2002. (You can build them for your own use.)

This Engine Motor Generator is just a basic industrial HV DC electric motor that can be Scaled up or down to any power rating that you desire. But the special part about this motor /engine is it is free energy! Keep all electromagnets firing north to north. Permanent magnets can be used on the rotor instead of electromagnets, which is easier to build and eliminates the need for brushes. If using permanent rotor magnets you will need to make the motor attract.

Please don't forget to send Rick a video of your progress, he sometimes will help people if they are having any questions, by sending Rick your video you are also agreeing that he may use some of the video as promotion for other customers and research engineers to see. all video's will not be returned. If you come up with any better designs though it be big or small, it is not uncommon to get a reward. Thank you for purchasing these plans, it helps us grow as a business and a research company, we plan on having many new updates as well as new discoveries that we can share to the world.


Qty- 1 1,000 volt DC power supplies, 60 Hz or best 30 khz or more. You can step up the voltage by using a 115 vac power inverter 60hz modified sine wave. Use 1 high voltage step up transformer or use the capacitor and diode step up method ( see our high voltage doubler plans #379 for $9.95 ). add enough capacitors and diodes until the voltage is 1,000 vdc.

Qty-2 Spark Plugs, Champion Copper Plus #855 DJ7Y

Qty- 2 12 vdc car batteries, See page 5, car batteries collect free energy back emfand also run the 1,000 vdc power supplies. The special HV magnets will be used and will only consume very little amperage in the milliamps! Batteries will last a very long time without the back emf!

Qty- 6 or 10 high voltage electromagnets, a qty of 10 is optional, the more hv magnets the more power. I would suggest starting off with 6 magnets and adding later, turns magnets with # 27 copper coated wire, you will be turning thousands of turns, get each turn of wire as close to the other as you can. it does not have to be perfect to work. But the better you, make them the higher the efficiency! Each magnet core must be prepared correctly, make sure you spray each Iron core with 3 to 4 coats of clear lacquer or red spray paint and allowed to dry properly!

1/2" thick each steel wafer

Fuelless Heater

Soft Iron Core, before copper wire is applied, 4 - s+a+or magnets

Qty-2 Soft Iron Ductal Bar from Industrial Tube and steel, Cincinnati, OH. 800-332-9567

steel wafer

Fuelless Engine

Soft Iron Core/ after copper wire is applied. Use black tope to cover.

Qty- 2 1,000 vdc capacitor and diode multiplier banks, or a HV automotive power supply. You can use all automotive HV voltage supplies like Ed Gray did on his engine if you like, it's optional. FOR MORE SEE PAGES 6,7, & 9.

Page 1A

Thank you for purchasing these plans! You will be glad you did, If you don't get it at first keep studying it really very easy to do. if your not familiar with any of the subjects in these plans please go to your library or Radio Shack and get a beginners book on electronics, electricity, electric motors magnets etc We have sold thousands of these plans and many of our customers have built this engine/motor.

This engine/motor/free energy generator does work! If you need technical help please contact us by E-mail only, we will try our best to get back to you and help you as quick as we can.

To Start: An Automobile engine can be converted into a fuel-less engine for free energy, but it should not be done! You will still have some of the same troubles a gas engine has. Such as wear and tear on all mechanical moving parts, oil rings, gaskets, pistons, etc... too many to name!

To do it you will need to remove the lifters and head assembly, and redesign the head. it will take two high voltage magnets per piston one attaches directly to piston via a metal angled extension and one magnet positioned on top of that one, north and north poles of magnets facing each other. Then you must hook up the capacitor banks and use the distributor timing for each piston to ignite each piston. The magnets repulse each other taking place of the explosion which takes place in a internal combustion engine. Just like any car engine you will eventually need to have it rebuilt or repaired.

But The Fuel less Engine (motor) will never die! You don't need a cooling system, or oil system. The only parts you will need to replace are the spark plugs or commutators if you decide to use a commutator system, spark plug wires and the 2 ball bearings that the shaft rides on. We estimate replacement time every 25 to 30 years. If you build your magnets right they will never break down.

This is no common ordinary electric engine / motor, there is nothing else like it that I know of in the entire world.

The output is free energy which is used to help rerun the motor by recharging the batteries. every HV Electromagnet creates it own energy after power is taken off of it. This electrical phenomenon is called Back E.M.F. , and another type of energy I can not tell you about, But for your knowledge is not needed. This free energy is converted back to the batteries to recharge them.

WARNING! When working with high voltage keep out of the reach of children and adults who do not understand high voltage rules. Be careful and always wear rubber gloves when working with high voltages. High voltage can kill you. Please notice we are not responsible for anything in these plans, you build at your own risk!



These plans are for your eyes only! This invention has been suppressed by very powerful people, persons and companies that I can not reveal to you. This invention holds US Patents and these plans are protected. Copyrighted. Let me put it this way, No free energy device at this present time, 2003, can be manufactured or sold anywhere in the world. Believe me we have already tried several times and it is not worth it. But as a back yard researcher you can build discover, research and build any free energy device you want just as long as you keep it TOP SECRET! You can build this engine and any other free energy device we sell the plans to for your own personal use only! It would be very wise and safer for you and your family to keep it under lock and key, A good idea is to build yourself a secure Generator room that is well kept under lock and key as well as an alarm system.

Again all of our plans and videos we sell are protected! If we catch anyone reselling them or giving them away copies thereof, we will take legal action against you and anyone else involved.

You can also never show a working Free Energy device such as this one, to anyone in the news media! I have already tried that anyway, I just caused myself more heartache and trouble. I could go on and on but there is so much I can not tell anyone! My lab and my home have been broken into many times, My phone constantly bugged! My life threatened! I have been researching free energy for over 10 years and I know from experience what I am talking about!

Copyright 1996 - 2003

HOW IT WORKS; THE FUEL-LESS ENGINE puts out far more than it takes to run it! It is considered a Free Energy Perpetual motion machine. It uses high voltage AC at 60 kHz ( 300 to 1,000 volts ) in the milliamps. The high voltage is then converted into DC (direct current) through the use of diodes which are rated at twice the voltage of the input voltage. Then the HV dc is directed to a HV CAPACITOR BANK, See page 1.

Without the invention of the capacitor this engine would not be possible, High voltage in the milliamps can do nothing to a HV electromagnet with out the capacitors. The capacitors quickly store the electrons and so produce a great output offree amperage... There is something else that we found that happens that we can not explain,.. something extra is produced by the high voltage that causes this engine to work. ?

So then the electrolytic capacitor bank is now fully charged and the spark plug gap is set to fire at 1,000 volts, It then ignites and a complete circuit is made to the magnets which are facing one another north pole to north pole, An explosive amount of magnetic power then takes place and both magnets repel one another, You can use that power to do work, to power a generator to keep up the batteries and to supply power to your entire home..

You know the first time I tried this I was skeptical, I started out using just two electro magnets that I made myself, We placed them on the table and I held down the top magnet just in case it did work. I didn't want my magnet to get damaged. So with all I could, I held and pressed down on the magnet with one hand and connected the + wire lead to the 12 volt battery, then POW! It ignited and almost broke my arm off, and I still couldn't keep the magnet from flying thru the air. That's an experiment that I will never forget.

It is impossible to get this much power from a low milliamp source using any other electrical DC store bought motor. But our motor will do it!

NOTE: The more voltage you use the more power your engine (Motor) will have, as well as rpms. But anything over 1,600 volts will have to be well insulated. Your soft iron cores of your electro magnets will have to be dipped in paint and allowed to drip dry for 3 days. Or you can simply buy a 10 LB roll of #30 or so double or triple coated copper wire also buy the square type you will get more power and be sure to wrap wire as tight as you can, side by side as close as you can...





Copyright 1996 - 2003

With this new knowledge you can build a Fuelless Engine or Ed Gray engine using 1,000 vdc x 10 to 30 milliamp, the capacitors (ufs ) micro farads can now be smaller, you can now use electrolytic capacitors rated at 60 to 200 micro farads and it is much cheaper to build, this brings down the cost of buying large capacitors. a automotive condenser / capacitor can also be used. you can buy capacitors that are rated at 1000 volts x 100 uf and solder them together in series, look through electronics mail order catalogs to find what you need.

By using copper coated wire #27 and winding this wire around a soft iron core, your motor will be using more voltage and less amperage! this is very important! By adding more or longer electromagnets you can increase the horsepower to any size you want, example from 100 to 350 hp.

Now back to the Fuelless Engine. EXAMPLE: by using #27 wire it is like using a small thin water hose, how much water do you think will pass through it? If you use a large 1 /4" water hose more water passes through it. it is the same thing with electrons / current, the larger gauge wire you use the more amperage you will use and the less voltage you will need, this is the way most electrical motors are used today, these motors I like to call amperage hogs! They waste energy! and they are not designed to use the back emfofeach coil of wire. this is a waste' The fuelless engine uses #27 wire which uses less amperage and higher voltages, which by using higher voltages you get more free energy effects!

A simple experiment will help you understand this more:

You will need two soft iron cores, the first iron core use # 18 copper coated wire with 200 turns, the second iron core use #27 copper coated wire with 2,000 turns, now you will need a 1000 vdc x 47 micro farads capacitor or capacitor bank. place a volt meter on the capacitor and charge the capacitor to 1000 volts, the negative wire of the capacitor should be connected to the coil of the first and second iron core electromagnets that you have made. now connect the plus wire coming from the 1000 v cap and connect it off and on to each magnet one at a time. as you will see the first magnet will take only 1 to 2 hits before the voltage of the capacitor hits -0-, the second magnet will take about 7 to 10 hits before it reaches the -0-voltage mark. so do you see it yet. the second magnet that is using the #27 wire uses less energy to run than does the first magnet (the amperage HOG!).

Page 4

Copyright 1996 - 2003

If you are on a budget you can use old wall transformer cores, you can simply use them squared off which gives you less efficiency or you cut them to the shape that you like using a high speed Black & Decker RTX rotary tool, they are small and the speeds can be adjusted, they use very small drill cutting bits etc... you can buy them at any K-mart or hardware store. Or sandwhich the iron transformer core in between to blocks of 1" wood or 1.2" plywood and use a hack saw to cut them. if you do not use wood the iron lamenation pieces will come apart.

Fuelless Engine Plan

The closer the magnets are the more horsepower you will have.and the longer your magnets are. Your first model can be a 1/2 horse power motor using small 2 amp wall transformers then you can get some 10 amp large transformers from old and worn out Microwave ovens.

Using a hacksaw cut off the inside wire coil. and remove it. you will then have a E shaped iron core with a horizontal I shape glued to the bottom, you will now need to figure out the radius of the rotor so you can make a plywood shaped template, you will need one for the stator magnets and one for the rotor magnets, templates of course should be the same size as the transformers) you are using, before cutting and shaping your transformer you must place a piece of thin mdo board and tape them on each side of transformer so when you go to cut the iron laminates you will not pull them loose.

Soft Iron Core from a Transformer

Cut Out

Cut Out

Cut Out

Cut Out

Free Transformer Cutouts

Copyright 1996 - 2003

Below is a small example of what I am trying to tell you. The idea is to build a very powerful and large flywheel type engine. I would use a 30" diameter flywheel and behind it a 25" x 30" diameter deep solid aluminum rotor drum which the rotor Isolation transformers would ride on, each roll would consist of 5 transformers to increase horsepower! What I am thinking of is one monster of a motor unlike anything ever seen before. The firing sequence would be set up in almost the same manner as a DC Motors commutator would be. but the difference is you would also have a commutator much like an AC motor added to collect the back EMF, which would have an enormous output of free energy. It is so simple to design I know you electrical engineers already know what to do.

Of course you may want to stick with building the #362 model first, by cutting into the transformer laminates you are also cutting down on performance because they are shorting out, but this engine will still go produce free energy using cut out transformer cores. You may also want to customize your own iron core laminates by having them die cut to your own special shape and size and then spraying them with lacquer and gluing them together. If you have the money you can call up a supply company that carries the special soft iron sheets and have them cut up locally by a metal die cutting company, or you can call a transformer manufacture to customize the cores for you. Look them up on the web. The set up charge will be a little high but once they have the die, you can always have them cut as many as you want now or later on down the road.

High voltage electromagnets : using #27 copper coated wire with 1000's of turns

Fuelless Heater

Round bolt holes to hold magnet to stator housing

Copyright 1996 - 2003

#32 wire is a little hard to work with and a little hard to solder, it melts and breaks real easy. so extreme care should be taken when winding your coils as not to break the wire. if a break does happen, then you must clean the coating off the wire with a small flame first, ( a lighter) and then use very fine sand paper to clean it off. then you must use a low watt soldering iron to apply and attach both pieces back together, once this is done you must paint the connection with enamel or lacquer paint using a brush or such.

I believe it is very possible to take a high amp DC electric motor and convert it into an overunity free energy motor, I have not yet done this, but I studied it for many hours and there is no reason why you can not do it. you simply take apart the motor and take close up photos of how the winds connect to the commutator, then you unwind the (amperage hog) wires, once the entire wiring is gone you then spray the soft iron stator inside and out with the lacquer paint, use 2 to 3 coats. You must prepare the surface for high voltage or it will spark and burn out and short out your #27 copper coated wire. let it dry for 1 to 2 days then begin winding the iron core stator with the #11 wire. it may be a good idea to mark the connection of where the old wire coil began and stopped although the coil looks like one big connected coil it is not. each coil over laps, but they are not connected, depending on the motors size, there should be about 4 - 8 separate coils, these must be replaced with #27 wire and put back into place, you must wind it very slowly by hand. (It will be very boring but keep thinking about the end result.) once all the winding is done you can put it back together and try it out. collect the back emf and then it should go over unity. ( See our plans #411 for $14.95 plus shipping.) The end result will be a 12 volt DC motor that once ran at 12 vdc x 5 amps and ran hot, and will now run on 1,000 vdc x 10-30 milliamps! and is cold. If the back emf is collected properly the result will be a overunity free energy electric motor, replace all your motors in your house and watch the electric bill go down! and again your motors will never get hot or over heat! Back Emf is free energy from a collapsing magnetic field generated from a coil of copper coated wire wrapped around a soft iron core, pulsed by dc voltage.

Homemade Coil

This is the Ed Gray electrical layout, every four High voltage magnet must have a 1,000 vdc capacitor bank, if you like you can try to cut down on cost by using the same inverter for all 5 hv magnets, actually I am counting the stator magnets as one even though there are 2, because they both fire at the same time, the 1,000 vac inverter is rated at about 20 - 30 milliamps.

This is the Ed Gray electrical layout, every four High voltage magnet must have a 1,000 vdc capacitor bank, if you like you can try to cut down on cost by using the same inverter for all 5 hv magnets, actually I am counting the stator magnets as one even though there are 2, because they both fire at the same time, the 1,000 vac inverter is rated at about 20 - 30 milliamps.

The Fuel less Engine uses 1,000 vdc rated in the milliamps. Basically this is a large DC Motor / Generator and it works as so A 1 000 vdc Repulsive EXPLOSION! Takes place at positions 12:00 & 3:00, and then at 6:00 AND 9:00 as the rotor rotates to that position, It s like creating a lightning bolt, but using very little amperage, By using this method you get a very strong magnetic flux from the HV electro magnets and this all happens in a split second! Normally it would take a very large amount of amperage with a high voltage input to get that kind of explosive power.

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