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Copyright 1996 - 2003

Copyright 1996 - 2003

Grey Motor

Free Energy Technology is now in your hands! If you decide to build this motor / engine, build it for your own use only and keep it from family, friends and the News Media. The Fuelless Engine is a spin off of the Ed Grey Motor as well as a combination of our own designs as well as The Newman design. This motor is like no other electric motor in the world. You can run this motor on 300 to 1,000 volts dc, (using a special coil design as well as the designs included in these plans.)

Please Keep all of this information to yourself! When Free Energy Electric Motors are allowed to be manufactured here in the USA we will show you how to get even more free energy from your motor than ever thought possible! But for security and Patent reasons we can not reveal to you all our secretes But we will keep your on file and let you know of any updates we can safely share.

You can make the outer shell case out of just about anything you want to. But we suggest you use steel tubing or aluminum tubing for anything over 100 hp. Anything below that you can use ^"plywood box. What most of our customers use is green 1/4" x 14" diameter PVC sewer pipe.

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side view
Fuelless Engine Plans 362

Copyright 1996 - 2003

4-Pole design. All magnets in the 12:00 and 6:00 positions fire st the same time, pushing apart with great force, to cause the Rotor shaft to turn, This motor can be ran in forward or reverse. This is our first prototype model and can be scaled up or down to any desired Hp you like. Of course one can improve on this design, see our #362- RC plans. We made it simple in design for those who are not educated in the art of Electric Motor building and repair. It is a good idea to study a simple Science fair DC Motor etc... To get a basic understanding of DC Motor designs. A good source is your local Library.

All HV electromagnets are wired North Pole to North Pole. They can also be wired and timed to attracted each other if you wish to make an attraction motor.

High Voltage Electromagnet #31Copper coated wire.

Stator Housing You can use aluminum PVC pipe or wood

Magnet Bolt Attachments

High Voltage Electromagnet #31Copper coated wire.

Stator Housing You can use aluminum PVC pipe or wood

Magnet Bolt Attachments

Fuelless Engine Details
2" x 6" Plywood Base Qty-2 1 for front 1 for back support

You will be using 2 - 4 spark plugs as high voltage switches, To send a DC high voltage to 4 coils at a time. You can design this engine any way you want or any shape you want, just as long as you keep to the main working principle. The motor can be as deep as you want to design it. If make the magnets or your air core magnets about 4 to 6" long, it will be much easier to turn on a slow rpm drill press. I find that wrapping the coil with #31 wire at about 150 rpms works best, 250 rpms is a little fast but can be done. We strongly suggest you first build a one Hp or less DC fuelless motor first.

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