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Produces very high motor torque at low rpms, gear boxes can be used to step up rpms

Gravity MotorGravity Engine

We suggest you build a small low cost Model -4, 1/4 to 1/8 the size of this model to start out with.

Fuelless Gravity Engine

PO BOX 557 New Albany, IN. 47151 USA

Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science & Research _i- '-i_

PO BOX 557 New Albany, IN. 47151 USA

Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science & Research _i- '-i_

The FGE2 Fuelless Gravity Engine is an amazing new idea created by Rick H. & David Waggoner of Creative Science & Research. It is unlike any other gravity motor we have ever seen before The FGE2 Gravity Engine or ( Motor ) can be designed to run itself very easily! The FGE2 Gravity Engine is basically a gravity, inertia driven motor which gets it's torque power from leverage as well as speed. The slider arms and the 33 lb weights for example, are off balanced in the 11:00 mark position, the longer the arm and weight is from the center shaft point, the higher the torque pounds, which can be calculated into horsepower as well. The rpms are adjustable from 1 to 600 rpms. The speed can be adjusted by adjusting the input energy of the power source at the 6:00 mark.

Example: if you build the air model # 3, the more air pressure you add the more speed you gain, but efficiency is lost using the air compressor compared to using a High Voltage solenoid to move the arm weight up at the 6:00 position. In our Model # 4, the higher the voltage driven into the solenoid coil, the higher the rpms will be as well as the efficiency of the motor.

The solenoid is of a special design, it uses Neodymium disk magnets (# N40 or #N38 ) as the plunger rod, thus the solenoid coil acts as a Generator as well as a linear motor plunger! The back EMF from the coil should be more than what was put into the coil to run it. The back emf can be collected and stored back into the 12 volt battery. A 12 v marine type battery is used to run a 115 volt AC inverter x 175 watts or less. The inverter is used to power a voltage multiplier circuit using diodes and special capacitors! ( See our step up voltage plans ) The multiplier steps up the voltage as high as 2000 vdc x 3 amps, the coil will only use 10 to 40 milliamps.

Just imagine, the FGE2 could then be hooked up to a 10 kW x 120 v x 60 Hz generator, some of that energy could be used to run the engine itself as well as other household appliances. A 10 kW x 120 vac generator which is rated at about 500 rpms can be purchased at www.graingers.com

The idea is to use very little energy at the 6:00 position of the slider arm and weight to produce more energy coming out than what is coming into the system. If we build a Gravity motor to run at about 10 hp and compare that to a commercially built 10 hp electric motor, the gravity motor would win in efficiency over the commercial 10 hp motor, in that the commercial 10 hp motor would fire at about 6 to 8 times to get the rotor to rotate at 10 hp, but our gravity engine only fires 1 time to push the weight back up into a perfect balance position which is from the 6:00 position to the 12:00 position and our gravity motor uses a free energy solenoid to do it!

If you purchased our #362 Fuelless Engine plans then you will see that you can use the magnetic coil air design as well as the homemade copper pipe SW motor commutator method to switch the power on to the solenoid at the 6:00 position and turn it off at the 5:00 position,

PO BOX 557 New Albany, IN. 47151 USA

Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science & Research _i-1 '-i_

PO BOX 557 New Albany, IN. 47151 USA

Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science & Research _i-1 '-i_

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