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Zomeworks does it again!

First we introduced the Universal Track Rack™

Now Zomeworks introduces the Universal Fixed Rack™

As with the Universal Tracker™, the Universal Fixed Rack™

revolutionizes the installation of passive solar systems. The amazing new J-Clip means no more hassle with holes. There are racks for all modules. You gotta see it! AND, we still make custom racks and trackers


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Surrette 2v, 1000 ahr KS-21 lead acid battery specially built by Surrette Battery Co., this heavy-duty cell incorporates a positive

J plate .25 in. thick. The extra j tall (25.5") case allows 5" M of electrolyte above the plates. Designed for maximum cycles and infrequent watering. Expected to last 15+ years of service, this battery has a 10 year warranty (5 years unconditional, 5 years pro-rated), and is among the toughest, longest lasting lead acid you'll find anywhere.

(freight extra)

12 vdc, 1000 ahr string (6 cells) $1134


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Professional salesfolk may talk a good game from behind the order desk, but very few are actually out there doin' it. We pride ourselves on being a hands-on dealer/installer, selling what we know to work well from down-to-earth experience. And we won't disappear after the sale, either. So if you'd like to separate the reality from the romance, give us a call. Thanks.

Meet the new Model 2020 Bogart TriMetric meter - only $169 including shunt and shipping!!!

The 2020 offers several improvements over the original TriMetric, including display of battery state-of charge in both % full and actual amp-hrs. Reminders inform when equalization is necessary. A running tally is kept of battery status, including days since fully charged & equalized, discharge amp-hrs, and max/min voltage. The display is 30°% larger than the original.

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