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AC mains panel Kilowatt-hour meter

Four Johnson Controls 12 volt lead-acid batteries 86 amp-hours at 48 volts

Utilities require homeowners to insure their grid connected systems. We told our insurance agent that our PV system was an electrical improvement approved by the building inspector, the utility, and the California Energy Commission. Our insurance rate remained unchanged.

Finally, we signed the net metering application, attached a one-line electrical drawing, and mailed them to SCE. Three weeks later, we received permission to connect to the grid by mail. SCE did not visit our installation but reserved the right to inspect it later.

You Can Do It Too

Our PV system performs flawlessly. In the first full month, it produced 292 KWH and our electric bill dropped from $60 to $24. Yearly production is 3,400 KWH or about 60% of our home and office load.

The savings are great. Inflation free electricity for the rest of our lives is nice. What is most important is that everyone involved in this installation thinks positively about PV. The next PV installation in Culver City will go in even more smoothly.

If you live in the city or suburbs and want to go solar, prepare to do some trail blazing. You are going to be a PV pioneer. An experienced contractor can be your guide. Have complete plans before you meet your building inspector and your utility. Follow the rules—

Above: Tidy installs keep the neighbors happy and help to promote renewables in a professional and trustworthy light.

don't fight them. If you run into a problem, calmly find the work-around. If you have any questions or need help, give us a call. We installed a hassle-free PV system in the city and so can you.


Joel Davidson and Fran Orner, SOLutions in Solar Electricity, PO Box 5089, Culver City, CA 90231 877-OK SOLAR (877-657-6527) 310-202-8215 • Fax: 310-202-1399 [email protected]

Greg Johanson, Solar Electrical Systems 805-373-9433 • Fax: 805-497-7121 [email protected]

California Energy Commission, Renewable Technology Program, 1516 Ninth Street, Sacramento, CA 958145512 • 800-555-7794 (CA) • 916-654-4058 [email protected]www.energy.ca.gov


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