buried behind our house. When we need it, the water is pumped through a pressure tank and a filter system into the house.

Most of us use SunMar composting toilets. Two houses use low flush toilets. All of us reuse greywater (wash water) for watering trees. We are able to garden and provide water for appropriate landscaping for our arid land. My family's gardens—inside and out—provide fruit and vegetables year-round.

Lifestyle Implications

The beauty of off-grid systems is that they allow you to live on undeveloped land. To anyone shopping for land, this means really good deals on beautiful, clean, and uncrowded land. Undeveloped land often comes with fewer building restrictions, which means you can build a house you can afford instead of one that the bank thinks it can resell once you've defaulted on your mortgage.

I want to emphasize the importance that we place first on water conservation and then on water catchment and storage. We only use the well water in time of need, not to have green lawns in the desert. Solar powered off-grid living is not going to be the answer if we try to emulate our lifestyles from the city.

The ability to find and deliver water to a house is often an issue that dissuades people from buying undeveloped land. Through my solar system design and sales business, Taos Green Solar, I'm now able to help people in northern New Mexico deal with water pumping problems. You're welcome to call me for advice on deep well pump power systems. We have found that it ispossible with solar electric technology.


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