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Trace's Complete Power Solutions

Solar DC Charge Controls

Now Trace brings microprocessor technology to solar (PV) charge controls, with pulse-width modulated C12 and C40 charge controllers. Ensure more power and longer life to your batteries. ETL listed. Meets NEC requirements.

DVM/C40 C40 Meter Controller

Trace Engineering's most advanced alternative energy controller. The C40 brings microprocessor control solar, wind, at an affordable price. The C40 features an optional digital monitoring system that can be mounted on the controller or used remotely. The C50 is also designed for Solarx Millennium Panels. List $145 to $225.

C35R, C40R, C50R/50 or 100

Remote display with 50 ft. or 100 ft. connector cord for remote installation in a dual outlet box. List $115 to $135.

Digital meter mounts into front of charge controller. Displays volts, amps, and cumulative amp-hours for solar array or DC loads. List $90.

C12 (Shown with cover removed)
DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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