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Digital Power Meter

Measures Watts & Watt-hours (kW-hr)

Simple to use!

Plug the Power Meter into any AC outlet, and plug the appliance to be measured into the Power Meter. That's it!

• Measure REAL (true) power 1 to 1850 Watts

• Measure power used, 1 Watt-hr to 9999 kilo-Watt-hrs

• Measure cost ($), just enter cost per Kilo-Watt-hr

• Microprocessor based circuitry

• 16 character LCD display, 4 button keypad

• Digital processing handles any AC waveform, any power factor

• Lifetime warranty!

Self calibrating for excellent accuracy!

Advanced Model (20-1850): Voltage, current, & power factor display, memory, 20 mhz processor, and more! $249.95 Performs the same functions as instruments costing $500-$1000! No other instrument on the market even comes close for this price!

Only $149.95 Delivered! MC/Visa/MO/Check

Brand Electronics To order, call toll free

421 Hilton Rd. | OOO jlOO BBOO

Whitefield, ME 04353 ^888^33^600

For rnfomatton rnfy raH 207-549-3401

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