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National Summary Reports on State Financial and Regulatory Incentives for RE. Current info on state and federal tax, grant & loan programs. To order, contact: North Carolina Solar Center, Box 7401 NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695 • 919-515-3480 Fax: 919-515-5778 Web:

Sandia's web site includes "Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems: A Handbook of Recommended Design Practices," "Working Safely with PV," & balance-of-system technical briefs, providing information on battery & inverter testing. Web:

American Hydrogen Association nat'l headquarters: 1739 W. 7th Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202-1906 • 602-827-7915 Fax: 602-967-6601 • [email protected] Web:

Solar Energy & Systems, an Internet college credit course. Fundamentals of RE for the homeowner or small village. Weekly assignments reviewing various texts, videos, WWW pages, weekly chat room, & email questions and answers. Mojave Community College. Tuition $100 plus $10 registration. 800-678-3992 • [email protected] Or: [email protected]

American Wind Energy Association. Info about US wind energy industry, AWEA membership, small turbine use, & more Web:

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) BBS, free access to text files, share/freeware programs & utilities, & a free publication ordering system. Web: Modem: 800-273-2955

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) provides links to hundreds of gov't and private internet sites & offers an "Ask an Energy Expert" online form to email questions to specialists. Web: • 800-363-3732

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) offers free info: 1998 Fuel Economy Guide (SD404), Insulation

Basics (FS142), New Earth-Sheltered Houses (FS120), PV: Basic Design Principles & Components (FS231), Cooling Your Home Naturally (FS186), Automatic & Programmable Thermostats (FS215), & Small Wind Energy Systems for the Homeowner (FS135). Info: EREC, PO Box 3048, Merrifield, VA 22116 • 800-363-3732 TTY: 800-273-2957 • [email protected] Modem: 800-273-2955 Web:

The Federal Trade Commission offers free pamphlets: Buying An Energy-Smart Appliance, the EnergyGuide to Major Home Appliances, & the EnergyGuide to Home Heating and Cooling. Contact: EnergyGuide, Federal Trade Commission, Room 130, 6th St & Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20580 • 202-326-2222 • TTY: 202-9326-2502 Web:

Kids to the Country is an ongoing program to show at-risk urban children a country alternative. Info: PLENTY, 51 The Farm, Summertown, TN 38483 • 615-964-4391 [email protected]g

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), SEIA& Sandia National Labs: Handbook to guide state and local government procurement officials and other users in the specs and purchase of RE technologies. Biomass, PVs, solar domestic water & pool heating, small wind systems, technology specs, RE equipment, photographs, vendor contact info, & simple methods for estimating the pollution benefits of RE systems. Send $US15 ppd (make checks to ASES) to Interstate RE Council Distribution Center, c/o ASES, 2400 Central Ave Ste G-1, Boulder, CO 80301

May 22-29, '99: 11th Annual American Tour de Sol, US EV Championship. 50 EVs traveling from Waterbury, CTto Albany, NY and beyond. Info: NESEA, 50 Miles St., Greenfield, MA 01301 • 413-774-6051 Fax: 413-774-6053 • Web:

Green Power web site: Forum for consumers, policy makers & green providers to discuss green power including deregulation, "green" electricity choices, technology, marketing, standards, environmental claims, & varying national & state policies. Links, articles & news. Global Environmental Options (GEO), & the Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology (CREST). Web: other web sites:

Sustainable energy info:

Non-profit Tesla Engine Builders Association (TEBA): info & networking for building Tesla disk turbines. The 18" diameter, single stage steam version, operating at 9,000 rpm, has been documented to consume 38 lbs of saturated steam per hp/hr @ 125 lbs inlet pressure & free exhaust. Send a SASE to

TEBA, 5464 N Port Washington Rd Suite 293, Milwaukee, WI 53217 [email protected] Web:

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