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Solar Hydrogen Chronicles

Edited by Walt Pyle • First Edition 1998

A collection of articles from Home Power Magazine on Hydrogen Technology for small-scale systems

Hydrogen Production Hydrogen Purification Hydrogen Storage Utilization for Cooking, Heating,

& Electricity Generation 118 pages of useful information

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the Wizard speaks...


It is believed by many that gravity is essentially a type of electro-magnetic phenomena. If this is true, then mass and the gravitational constant G may need to be formulated in terms of the electro-magnetic properties of space.

Mass can be conceived to have its origin in the interactions between crystallized charge and the two components of the zero point field. These two components are the charge potential field and the scalar energy field. The interaction will take the forms of distortion, interception, and displacement.

The gravitational constant G can be formulated as a function of four electro-magnetic properties of space plus a dimensionless constant. These four properties are the magnetic permeability, the electric permitivity, the charge density, and the energy density. Eventually, it should be possible to express the permeability and permitivity in terms of the charge and energy properties of space.

With these above ideas, a step can be taken towards the understanding of gravity as an electro-magnetic phenomenon.

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