The Handson Journal Of Homemade Power

Issue #68 December 1998 / January 1999


8 Hassle-Free Intertie PV

Don't be frightened by all of the horror stories about the bureaucracy of grid intertie. Joel Davidson proves that the standards are being defined. With a little patience, it can be done.

16 Backup Community Water from a PV-Powered Well

An Earthship community in New Mexico collects most of their water with roof catchment systems. When that's not enough, backup comes from a community-owned, 900 foot deep, PV-powered well system. A portable tank provides for distribution.

24 Get a Grip!

Tilt-up towers can be tricky to operate, especially on a less-than-flat site. Wind power connoisseur Paul Gipe introduces us to the Griphoist—a hand-powered gadget that makes for safe tower tilting without truck, tractor, or winch.

34 PV Power Turns Trash Into Resources

Public events can generate a lot of waste. The mobile PV-powered Waste Reclamator travels around Britain's fairs and festivals helping sort rubbish for recycling.


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