The New Electric Vehicles

A Clean & Quiet Revolution by Michael Hackleman

Journey into the world of conversions, scratchbu¡Its, human-electrics, solar cars, electrathon racers, planes & boats—all powered with electricity.

272 pages of EV technology, 465 photographs (over half in color), and detail on 65 vehicles. Includes 115 technical design and construction sidebars.

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Greenbacks for Green Wheels

Shari Prange

■ A # hether you buy, lease, or l^l#convert an electric vehicle, it's probably going to cost you more than a comparable gas car would. It's a sad fact, but true—at least for now. All the money you will save on fuel and maintenance will help balance the scales in the long run, but the up-front cost can be tough to manage. And if you're doing a conversion, you can't get a conventional car loan, either.

So, how can you soften the bite? After all, EVs are clean and green. Surely, incentives and assistance are available.

Who's In Charge?

If you go in search of information on EV incentives, you will quickly find yourself mired in an unmapped swamp of verbiage that is both dense and vague. The problem is that there is no effective central clearinghouse for current information.

Incentives are offered at all levels of government, from federal to city, and there is little coordination among any of them. There are also non-governmental incentives, which are primarily from utilities.

While a few organizations attempt to publish information on these incentives, they are tackling an impossibly large job. All of this data was written by

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