Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Workshops. See ad in this issue. Call for cost, locations, instructors S further workshop descriptions. MREA Membership S participation: all are welcome. Significant others 1/2 price. Info: MREA, PO Box 249, Amherst, WI 54406 • 715-824-5166 Fax: 715-824-5399

Dec 1-4 '98: The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers Principles of Effective Energy Management, incorporating energy considerations into your facility S how to benefit from utility deregulation. Power Quality Problems in Industrial Environments, covering basic analysis techniques, solutions to voltage disturbance problems and monitoring. Info: Katie Peterson, Department of Engineering Professional Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 423 N Lake St, Madison, WI 53706 800-462-0876 Fax: 608-263-3160 [email protected] Web: epdwww.engr.wisc.edu/

Solar Converters Inc.

We manufacture power supplies for the renewable energy industry. DC Autotransformers

• Single unit up or down voltage conversion between standard battery voltages

• Also Battery Equalizers for 12/24 V, 24/48 V and 12/48 V battery systems

Pump/Motor Drivers

• Linear Current Boosters with Voltage limited output

• Voltage conversions: ie. 48 V panels driving 12 V pump

Charge Controllers

• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

• Get up to 30% more power to your batteries

• Voltage conversions: ie. 48 V panels charging 12 V battery

Cathodic Protection Controllers

• Low cost units featuring ultra high efficiency and performance

• Voltage, current and 1/2 cell regulation with automatic switchover

Constant Voltage Regulators

• Many models and sizes producing constant voltages from battery input

Custom Products

• Please contact the factory

Highly advanced, reliable, low cost.

Solar Converters Inc.

Unit A104-490 York Road, Guelph, Ontario N1E 6V1 Canada Ph. 519-824-5272 Fax. 519-823-0325 Email, [email protected] Web. www.sentex.net/~sci

Adopt a Library!

When Karen and I were living with kerosene lamps, we went to our local public library to find out if there was a better way to light up our nights. We found nothing about small scale renewable energy. One of the first things we did when we started publishing this magazine eleven years ago was to give a subscription to our local public library.

You may want to do the same for your local public library. We'll split the cost (50/50) of the sub with you if you do.You pay $11.25 and Home Power will pay the rest. If your public library is outside of the USA, then we'll split the sub to your location so call for rates.

Please check with your public library before sending them a sub. Some rural libraries may not have space, so check with your librarian before adopting your local public library. Sorry, but libraries which restrict access are not eligible for this Adopt a Library deal—the library must give free public access. — Richard Perez To Adopt a Library write or call

Home Power® PO Box 520,Ashland, OR 97520 1-800-707-6585 or 530-475-0830 or FAX 530-475-0941 Email: [email protected] • Web: www.homepower.com

Waking Up the Northland to Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living!

Bringing the finest in technology, equipment, and knowledge to the northern midwest.

Solarex & Kyocera photovoltaic modules Trace & Heart inverters controllers, meters & more!

Great Northern Solar

Solar Power

Solar Power

Start Saving On Your Electricity Bills Using The Power of the Sun And Other Natural Resources!

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