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Feather River's

Genny DeeCee

Richard Perez

©1998 Richard Perez

This machine is the answer to that inescapable RE question, "What are you going to do when the sun doesn't shine, the wind doesn't blow, and the creek runs dry?" The answer? Burn some dead dinosaurs. What really counts is using those irreplaceable fossil fuels wisely and efficiently. When it comes to putting energy back into your battery, no generator even comes close to the Genny DeeCee for efficiency.

What is a Genny DC?

The Genny DeeCee is a marriage between a high quality Honda overhead valve engine and a modern automotive-style alternator. Instead of making 117 VAC like most conventional generators, the Genny DeeCee makes low voltage DC—either 12 or 24 volts. This energy is then fed directly to the battery for recharging. There are no battery chargers or power supplies involved in this process.

Using the Genny DeeCee is much more efficient than running a conventional 117 VAC generator. With a 117 VAC gennny, the energy is converted through a battery charger or power supply and then it's fed to the battery. In systems with a big modern inverter, the 117 VAC generator is rarely needed to power loads. The major need is battery recharging during periods of low RE production—and that's just what the Genny DeeCee is designed to do.

Testing the Genny DeeCee at Home Power We installed our Genny DeeCee during May of 1997, and we've been using it whenever we needed more

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