sand with some gravel sand with some clay prĀ» irnmm,

Quaternary alluvium fine sand, some fine gravel, silt and clay mostly fine-grained volcanic ash and (or) water-laid tuffs, some claystone, minor altered basaltic gravel (Truckee Formation?)

fine sand with some silt and clay gravel and clay interbedded sand and thin basalt flows; Chloropagus Formation sand with some gravel sand with some clay total depth: 1934 feet location: SW/2 IMW/4 S23, T22N, R27E

Churchill County, Nevada started: April 27, 1977 completed: May 6, 1977

FIGURE 21. Lithologie log of Desert Peak stratigraphie test no. 6.

1977; during the summer of 1978 Thermal Power Company drilled four stratigraphie tests in the western part of the Desert Peak thermal anomaly. The depths and locations of these stratigraphie tests are shown on table 2.

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