total depth: 4150 feet

Quaternary alluvium with possibly some Tertiary sediments diatomite with lesser clay; Truckee Formation intensely hydrothermally altered clay; Truckee Formation!?)

siltstone and tuffaceous sediments basalt flow, Desert Peak Formation!?) basalt lacustrine clay basalt, basaltic andesite, and andesite flows and breccias of the

Chloropagus Formation; some minor lacustrine interbeds are present but not shown rhyodacite ash-flow tuff, abundant feldspar and biotite, generally white rhyolite ash-flow tuff, abundant quartz, feldspar, and biotite; brown in color dacite ash-flow or flows, abundant feldspar; there could beĀ”4 separate yet very similar units here rhyodacite ash-flow tuff, white, light green, lavender, or gray; it is possible that there are more than 2 units white to lavender very fine-grained rhyolite ash or tuff with finely disseminated pyrite rhyodacite ash-flow tuff, distinctly purple with abundant feldspar and biotite crystals, minor quartz greenstone, metamorphosed andesitic lavas and breccias, fine grained and hard; this unit can_be further subdivided based on minor chemical, textural, and color differences black limestone, quartzite, and metavolcanic rocks; the samples from this interval are quite complicated greenstone

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