total depth: 1293 feet

Quaternary sand and gravel

Tertiary lacustrine sedimentary rocks; Desert Peak and Truckee Formations basalt, fine-grained, fresh to heavily chloritized; Chloropagus Formation rhyclite, ash flow tuff with biotite, quartz feldspar crystals location: SE/4 SE/4 S21, T22N, R27E

Churchill County, Nevada started: March 19, 1976 completed: March 28, 1976

FIGURE 10. Lithologie log of Desert Peak stratigraphie test no. 2.

thermal conductivity of the Chloropagus Formation does not differ significantly from the overlying and underlying units. Evidence for lateral movement of heat comes from a comparison of the temperature profiles of well B21-1 and strat. test no. 2 (pi. 6). The holes are located only 400 feet apart, but they show greatly different temperature profiles from 650 to 1225 feet in depth. The Chloropagus Formation is present between depths of 705 and 1225 feet.

Strat. test no. 2 was a very encouraging hole and was a major factor in the decision to continue work in the area.

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