Instructions for UIC Permit Application Attachments Class V Geothermal Wells

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Attachments to be submitted with permit application for Class V - Geothermal Wells.

A. AREA OF REVIEW METHOD - The area of review shall be a fixed radius of 1/4 mile from the well bore.

B. MAPS OF WELLS/AREA AND AREA OF REVIEW - Submit a topographic map extending one mile beyond the property boundaries of the facility. The area of review shall be a fixed radius of 1/4 mile from the well bore depicting:

o The facility and each of its intake and discharge structures; o Any hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal areas(s); o Those wells, springs, and other surface water bodies and drinking water wells listed in public records or otherwise known to the applicant within one mile of the facility property boundary, o If the well is located in a rural or sparsely populated area, a list of names and addresses of all land owners within 1/4 mile of the well must be attached to the map.

A reasonable scale, such as 1:4800, should be used for the map.

C. CORRECTIVE ACTION PLAN AND WELL DATA - Submit a tabulation of data reasonably available from public records or otherwise known to the applicant on all wells within the area of review, including those on the map required in B, which penetrate the proposed injection zone. Such data shall include the following:


Description of well type




Date drilled






Records of completion and/or plugging

D. GEOLOGIC MAPS AND CROSS SECTIONS - Submit maps and cross sections within the area of review depicting the following:

o All Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDWs);

o Direct of ground water flow in all USDWs that may be affected by the injection;

o Geologic faults and fracture orientation of the local area;

o Local stratigraphy (all aquifers and confining layers);

o The injection formation;

o Formations above and below the injection zone;

The cross section legend shall contain the formation and hydrologic names.

E. GEOLOGICAL DATA ON INJECTION ZONES - Submit the appropriate geological data on the injection zone including lithologic description, geologic name, thickness and depth.

F. OPERATING DATA - Submit the following operating data for each well (including those to be covered by area permits):

o A description of all wastes to be injected;

o Source(s) of fluids to be injected;

o Analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of the injection fluid;

o Average and maximum daily rates and volume of fluids to be injected;

o Average and maximum injection pressure;

o Nature of the annulus fluid and,

In addition, if the well was in operation prior to applying for a permit, submit the type(s) of fluids discharged to each well and the length of time that the fluids have been discharged to that well.

G. FORMATION TESTING PROGRAM - Describe any formation testing programs to be utilized. Include data on porosity, permeability, physical and chemical characteristics of the injection zones.

H. STIMULATION PROGRAM - Outline any proposed stimulation program if applicable.

I. INJECTION PROCEDURES - Describe the proposed injection procedures including pump, surge, tank, etc.

J. CONSTRUCTION PROCEDURES - Discuss the construction procedures to be utilized.

Include details of the casing and cementing program, drilling and logging procedures. Describe any testing and coring programs if applicable. Include proposed annulus fluid descriptions.

K. CONSTRUCTION DETAILS - Submit schematic or other appropriate drawings of the surface and subsurface construction details of the well.

L. MONITORING PROGRAM - A monitoring program must be developed to ensure that the facility meets the requirements of 40 Code Federal Regulations (CFR) 144.12(a). The monitoring program should include a baseline analysis of the injectate and groundwater prior to injecting, monitoring schedule (sampling frequency), parameters to be measured, location of sampling points(s) and a discussion of the technical basis for selecting the sampling point(s).

M. PLUGGING AND ABANDONMENT PLAN - Submit a plan to ensure that all USDWs are protected from unauthorized injection once the well is taken out of service or is converted. Plugging and abandonment plans shall include:

o Type and quantity of material to be used in plugging;

o Diagram(s) of plug placement (including the elevation of the top and bottom); o Describe the type of plug to be used and the method used to place the plugs; o Description of casing left in the well(s),

N. NECESSARY RESOURCES - Submit evidence of financial responsibility such as a surety bond or financial statement to verify that the resources necessary to close, plug or abandon the well(s) are available.

O. EXISTING EPA PERMITS - List the program (NPDES, PSD, PCS, RCRA, etc.) and permit number for any EPA permits which you currently have or have applied for.

P. DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS - Give a brief description of the nature of the business and provide the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code.

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