your house a total compact fluorescent job, then this is the lamp to replace those fluorescents that fail early because of intermittent use and/or high temperature.


I still like my compact fluorescents, but I'll be dipped if I'll use them in locations where they are obviously unsuited. This GE Halogen-IR™ PAR 38 lamp is just the ticket for locations that are too tough for the fluorescents to handle.


Author: Richard Perez, c/o Home Power, POB 520, Ashland OR 97520 • 916-475-3179 voice or FAX • 707822-8640 Computer BBS (address Email to: Richard Perez).

Lamp Supplier: Michael Mangan, Ecology Services & Products, POB 176, Delafield, WI 53018 • 414-646-4664. Mike sells a single GE Halogen-IR™ PAR 38 lamp for $16 each plus postage. Cases of 12 lamps for $180 plus shipping.

Lamp Maker: General Electric Co., Nela Park, Cleveland, OH 44112. Product order code: 18628 and Product description: 60PAR/FL/HIR

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