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Surface shipment may take up to three months to get to you. All international issues shipped in mailing envelopes. International subs are best paid for by either VISA, MasterCard or funds from a U.S. bank.

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Home Power, POB 520, Ashland, OR 97520 USA 916-475-0830 Subscriptions and Back Issues 916-475-3179 Advertising and Editorial

Home Power readers are inquisitive folks. A lot of you ask about the mechanics of putting together the information — basically, how we get it to you in the form of a Home Power issue. So here is an occasional column answering some of the most asked questions about how and why we do what we do.

For Paper Nerds

The demand for recycled paper has grown so much that the paper mills are finally responding, and at affordable prices. We're trying a new paper for the interior pages of this issue of Home Power. It's called Pentair PC 30 Gloss from Niagara of Wisconsin Paper Corp. This paper contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer fiber. Niagara bleaches its paper using hydrogen peroxide, not chlorine. This paper is not considered totally chlorine-free because virtually all available recycled pulp contains chlorine from its previous manufacture, but it comes very close to being chlorine-free.

Mailing Lists

Home Powernever sells or rents its mailing list. On three occasions, we have donated our list to non-profit groups for a single use only. When we do this, the nonprofit organization is required to sign a contract stating that the use of the list is for a single, specified mailing only. The mailing list can not be used for any other purpose. We seed the database so we'll know if the list is ever used again for any other purpose. We have only donated the mailing list to non-profit RE Fairs and educational institutions.

When a subscriber asks not to be placed on any other mailing list, we have a code for the database so that these folks won't be included in the donated mailings. So if you don't want to be included on these donated mailings, please note this on your subscription form.

Power System Stuff

Home Power Magazine is located eight miles from commercial electricity. We live and work in a place called Agate Flat, Oregon. Our cordinates are 42° 01' 02" North and 122° 23' 19" West. All the electricity that goes into our production is generated on-site by renewable energy sources. We use an array of 42 photovoltaic (PV) modules producing 1,800 watts of peak power. A 1,000 watt wind generator provides power during stormy periods. This renewable power is stored in a battery holding 18 kiloWatt-hours of energy. Most of the energy is inverted to 120 vac, 60 Hz. for use by the computers. Our system routinely cycles 12 kilowatt-hours daily.

Writing for Home Power Magazine

Want to share your story? Home Power specializes in hands-on, practical information about small scale renewable energy production and use. We try to present technical material in an easy to understand and easy to use format.

Informational Content

Please include all the details! Be specific! Write from your direct experience — Home Power is hands-on! We like articles to be detailed enough so that a reader can actually apply the information. Please include full access data for equipment mentioned in your article.

Article Style and Length

Home Power articles can be between 500 and 6,000 words. Length depends what you have to say. Say it in as few words as possible. We prefer simple declarative sentences that are short and to the point. Use subheadings generously to organize your information. We highly recommend writing from within an outline. Check out articles printed in Home Power.


We reserve the right to edit all articles for accuracy, length, and basic English. We will do the minimum editing possible. We get over two times more articles submitted than we can print. The most useful, specific, and organized get printed first.


The photos you see in Home Power are processed digitally. We use a 35 mm slide scanner and a 8.5 inch by 14 inch flatbed scanner. We can work best from a color slide (color positive transparency). We can also work with virtually all 35 mm film formats (color and B/W negatives) and color or B/W prints.

Line Art

We can redraw your rough sketches via computer. We can generate tables and graphs from your rough data.

Article Form

We would love your article on a 3.5 inch computer diskette. Or put it on the Home Power Bulletin Board (707-822-8640), addressed as E-mail to Richard Perez.

We can, and often do, work from typewritten doubled spaced manuscripts. If you don't have access to either a computer or typewriter or other fancy hardware, then please print in ink. The quality of your info and experience counts, not the cost of your equipment.

We use Macintosh computers. We can also read TEXT files on 3.5 inch IBM disks. Format all Mac or IBM word processor files as ASCII "TEXT". Format all computer graphics in EPS format. Use the Helvetica 10 point font for all text embedded within graphics. If you want more specific info on computer submissions, then call Richard at 916-475-3179.

Want your material returned?

Please include a stamped, self-addressed, return envelope that is big enough for your stuff. Otherwise your material will not be returned.


If you request it, we will copyright your work in your name. Otherwise we will copyright the information in Home Power's name. The copyright on your material is yours for the asking.

Got any questions?

Give us a call. This saves everyone's time. Home Power Magazine, POB 520, Ashland, OR 97520 • 916475-3179 phone and FAX.

Hardware Stuff

OK Nerds, you asked for it, so here it comes. Home Power Magazine is virtually an all-digital production. Only camera-ready advertising is carried via conventional film technology. We use a motley assortment of five networked Macintosh computers from an ancient SE to a full race Big Mac IIci with 50 MHz accelerator and 20 MB of RAM. Two of the large Macs are equipped with 21 inch monitors, one of which carries 24 bit color and the other 8 bit gray scale. The Mac network here on Agate Flat uses a modem and two analog-to-digital data acquisition systems.

Since we began digitizing color photographs, we have developed an insatiable appetite for storage. The Big Mac runs with both 660 MB and 1.2 GB fast hard drives. Last issue of Home Power (#37) occupied over 450 MB in art and page layouts; the cover alone was over 45 MB. Our digital storage salvation are the 128 MB magneto-optical disks. Our issue travels from our computers on Agate Flat to our printer, St. Croix Press, in Wisconsin on four of these 128 MB magneto-optical disks.

Image acquisition is via a 2700 dpi 35 mm color slide scanner and a 600 dpi color flatbed scanner. We do our page proofing on a 600 dpi laser printer. The final printing plates are made by St. Croix's computers on an

AGFA 9800 Raster Image Processor. These plates are then printed on computer-controlled, Harris heat-set web presses.

Software Stuff

We do most of our word processing in Write Now 3.0. Page layout is done in Quark XPress 3.1. Photography is processed and separated in Photoshop 2.5. We use Freehand 3.1 for line art, tables, charts, and diagrams. Business chores are handled by Excel (spreadsheets) and 4th Dimension (all databases). Our new color logo was drawn in Fractal Painter X2 (thank you, Stan Krute). We are using Mac System 7.1 and only crash a couple of times daily____


Home Power Magazine i s the work of many people. First are the folks who graciously share their hard-won information within our pages, the reader. This magazine exists because most of you have made the choice to use renewable, home-sized energy systems. We are here to help share and expand the world of home powered systems. Second are the advertisers who make it possible to put this copy in your hand at so little expense to you. And third, is the crew of four full time people who have let Home Power take over their lives — Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze, Therese Peffer, Karen & Richard Perez.


The same sun that provides power for this magazine shines on us all. It is our hope and goal that we may all use the sun's energy to build a better world. Our New Year's resolution is to become a clearer and quicker highway transmitting your renewable energy information worldwide. — the Home Power Crew. ^

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