Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

Golf cart batteries are far too expensive for you to waste, so this ebook guide was written to teach you how you can make the best use of the batteries that you already have. You will learn how to keep, maintain, and recharge your batteries properly. You will save time by not having to buy more all the time, and you will save money because of the sheer cost of batteries. You will also learn how to maintain your batteries to make sure that they stay in too condition for years. You will lastly learn how to increase the life of your batteries, so that you will be able to use the batteries for years to come. You will be able to rely constantly on the performance of the batteries in your golf cart. You do not have time for batteries that you can't rely on It would be far better to have a set of batteries that you can rely on, and you will get that from this guide! Read more...

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Cutting Wood With The

John Howe has done it by creating a firewood operation where the sole source of energy is the sun. This is fun, says the retired mechanical engineer as he drives his solar-powered golf cart noiselessly down a tote road near his rural farmhouse. And even more importantly, he says, it's the only way you can cut a tree in the woods without fossil energy which is beginning to run out. Back at the woodshed, the same golf cart powers the same saw to cut the logs to stove length. Once the logs are cut to length, he swings them over to a waist-high 6-ton splitter and splits them down to firewood size. Nearby, the Ford tractor recharges by being plugged into another tractor a Farmall Cub with a four-module array. For Howe, showing how to process firewood without gasoline is as much a demonstration project as are the tractors, the golf cart, and even a solar-powered MG Midget he owns. In Maine, we are in very serious trouble because we heat with oil, says Howe. Solar electricity is the way to...

Windmachine Home Made

FOR SALE Heart model HF24-2500SX, 2500 watt inverter, 24 volt input and SCI Charger Model 1. Both in excellent condition. Both for 900. Tom Casteel, POB 911, Fort Jones, CA 96032 GOLF CARTS mobile btty storage. W PV roof, move to sun shop pump warm area at night. 350+. 6 Good 220AH bat inc. EZ to haul in mini-truck. MR16 Halogen Lights-12V 20W Great light. 9 per. 220AH 6V Bat. Fleet trades 25ea. Whlsale prices. Dlrs Welc. 415-482-8025 or SASE 2518 McArthur Bl, Oakland, CA 94602

Hydralloy C Gfe Activation

A Two for 12 volts, four for 24 Volts, etc The point is two 6-CS-25PS's can take the place of 8-10 golf cart batteries while yielding five times the life (10 yr. warranty) and four times the liquid reserve (less topping-up). A drastic decrease in connections eliminates many points of potential failure not to mention just 6 cells to maintain instead of 24 to 30.

Daybreak Energy for Your

I have a 4,000 watt generator that's hooked up to a 40 amp battery charger which charges 2 deep cycle golf cart batteries that I picked up used. I have 2 30 watt fluorescent lights, battery monitor and DC service panel purchased from Steve Willey, who has been quite helpful with any questions I had.

Circuit Section Battery to transformer

The batteries should be deep cycle golf cart batteries, 12 volts and under 200 A hrs Use true deep cycle batteries. Automotive batteries are designed for high current for a short period of time. Deep cycle batteries provide steady current and can handle repeated recharging. A deep cycle battery rated at 200 A hrs should deliver 10 amps of current for 20 hrs.

Free batteries in your own backyard

One of his jobs was regular cleaning and maintenance of the golf carts, some gas powered, some electric. He usually rode his bike to work, but upon occasion he would ask me to drive him to work if it was raining or if his bike was in need of repairs. One particular morning that I dropped him off for work I spied one of the electric golf carts in the shop with the body taken off for repairs. They were going to replace the batteries. After a bit of research I discovered that golf cart batteries are used and recommended for use with Renewable Energy systems, perhaps not the best batteries for the job, but certainly usable. So I asked for the old batteries from the golf carts. Mike, the owner of the golf course said that he had to pay to have the old batteries taken away and that I could have them.

Rugged Oversize Reinforced Positive Grids

Available from 100 AH to 1500 AH for contractors wishing to design their own system with the least number of batteries and with the lowest cost per life cycle in the industry. Surrette Solar Batteries are designed specifically for solar use and are not adaptations from the golf cart or floor machine industries.


FOR SALE Heart model HF24-2500SX, 2500 watt inverter, 24 volt input and SCI Charger Model 1. Both in excellent condition. Both for 900. Tom Casteel, POB 911, Fort Jones, CA 96032 HYDROELECTRIC UNIT PELTON TURBINE 4 intake, 26 5 8 pitch dia. 4 nozzle sizes tapered roller bearings Pelton governor. Westinghouse AC generator 1200 rpm 3 phase 18 Kw 208V 60 Hz. Westinghouse control panel 220V 1 phase. Ideal for home or camp. Photos & price write Parker, POB 1224, Ashland, OR 97520 HYDROELECTRIC SETS, 2 jet horizontal and 4 jet vertical. High class workmanship, heavy construction, all copper plumbed, no PVC, 12 V D.C. alternators. Metering and controls included. Send 500 in stamps for brochure and photo. Almanor Machine Works, 413 Arbutus Dr. Dept HP, Lake Almanor, CA 96137, 916-596-3051 GOLF CARTS mobile btty storage. W PV roof, move to sun shop pump warm area at night. 350+. 6 Good 220AH bat inc. EZ to haul in mini-truck. MR16 Halogen Lights-12V 20W Great light. 9 per. 220AH 6V Bat. Fleet...

WindPV System

I started out with five 6 Volt golf cart batteries and soon found out what deep cycle service really is First of all, when Jacobs was putting out its full power of 70 Amperes at 40 Volts it was too much for the 180 Ampere-hour batteries. Then when the wind didn't blow the batteries would be discharged for a week. So I built a gas engine car alternator battery charger for windless periods. But even so, in a little over a year a couple of the battery cells were badly sulfated and useless. I had actually been undercharging them when I thought I was bringing them up to full charge. I found out you have to ruin a set of batteries before you learn how to charge them See Home Power 9 for details on battery recharging and sizing. Golf Cart Batteries 32 VDC Artic Kold Reflgerator Golf Cart Batteries Wire & Cable Dytek Switching Regulator Home Made 50 ft. Tower 32 VDC Artic Kold Reflgerator Golf Cart Batteries Wire & Cable Dytek Switching Regulator Home Made 50 ft. Tower

Jacobs Wind Electric

It has been estimated that a single 220 amp-hour, 6 volt golf cart battery can deliver 8000 amps into a terminal to terminal short-circuit for a fraction of a second. In PV systems we frequently use batteries of higher capacity and even parallel them which creates significantly greater short-circuit current capabilities. To some extent, the magnitude of the short-circuit currents is reduced by the series resistances of the wiring, fuse holders, switches and circuit breakers. But, when we use 4 0 cable between the inverter and the battery, these resistances are measured in milliohms and do not limit the short-circuit currents a great deal. Current Limiting Fuses

Vehicle Motive Power

Other major automobile manufacturers, including General Motors, Volkswagen, Volvo, Honda, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, and Ford, have also announced plans to build prototype polymer electrolyte fuel cell vehicles operating on hydrogen, methanol, or gasoline (29). IFC and Plug Power in the U.S., and Ballard Power Systems of Canada (15), are involved in separate programs to build 50 to 100 kW fuel cell systems for vehicle motive power. Other fuel cell manufacturers are involved in similar vehicle programs. Some are developing fuel cell-powered utility vehicles, golf carts, etc. (30,31).

Free Solar Panels

Solarcells Fence

This is my pickup truck loaded with about 25 solar panels. Some of the panels are bent, and all of the panels have a cracked laminate on top of the solar cells. All of the panels DO work and will output energy in the sunshine. One of the alpha numeric highway signs can be seen in the background. These larger signs have six 80-watt Seimens panels and about twelve Trojan six-volt golf cart batteries. I've not seen a drunk driver hit one of these


The control board and battery box lie in one corner of our living room. We have eight 6 Volt, 220 Amp-hour Exide golf cart batteries configured for 12 Volts a total of 880 Amp-hours capacity. We decided not to ground the negative terminal of the battery. The battery box is constructed of 12 inch wafer board, and the bottom is lined with fiberglass food trays. All seams in the box are sealed with silicone rubber. Several holes were drilled near the bottom of the box to permit air to enter. It is vented with a 4 inch diameter dryer hose out

Paul E Zellar

Jacobs Wind Generator

Generous donors have given us a restorable golf cart and an electric tractor, both very useful to the program. But we need many other representative electric vehicles, most notably a car with a solid state speed controller, an electric forklift, a new golf cart and a and a wheel chair. We also need examples of the various types of batteries and their chargers, as complete a collection as possible of such parts for study as motors and controllers, and repair manuals for all types of electric vehicular equipment. Our funds are severely restricted, and we encourage donations in all areas of need. Since JEI is a nonprofit organization, all contributions are tax deductible. We welcome your inquiries. In Conclusion

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