Circuit Section Battery to transformer

The batteries should be deep cycle golf cart batteries, 12 volts and under 200 A hrs Use true deep cycle batteries. Automotive batteries are designed for high current for a short period of time. Deep cycle batteries provide steady current and can handle repeated recharging. A deep cycle battery rated at 200 A hrs should deliver 10 amps of current for 20 hrs.

There are three ways to accomplish this section of the circuit. Working drawing no.1 show all three ways. First, and easiest for research is the use of 110 AC

house current at 15 amps to the primary of a transformer and a 3,000 volt, .5

amp AC secondary. The second is a 12 volt battery, DC, to a chopper-vibrator which produces 12 volt AC for the transformer. The design of the chopper-vibrator will be described separately later. This requires a special transformer with a 12 volt AC at 100 amps to the primary. The primary side also requires a center tap. The secondary is 3,000 volts and .5

amps AC. The third, is to use a deep cycle battery 12 volts, 100 amps and an inverter to form 110 AC at 11 amps. The transformer should then be rated at 110

volts at II amps on the primary and 3,000 volts and .4 amps.

Include a switch and a fuse into the circuit as shown on the working drawings.

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