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Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

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Things that Work! Model 4-1850 Home Power #67"

Digital Power Meters

20-CTR: Measures AC Power up to 10 kW, 100-250 vac single or two phase. New USB plug in meter, up to 1 gig of flash memory!

ONEMeter: Standard Features include Multiple AC or DC power channels, PC interface, internal logging. Options include Web Interface, Weather Monitoring, and lots more.

4-1850WX: Special meter for Refrigerator Replacement All products are California

Programs. Detects Defrost Cycle, displays cost/kWh-hrs/yr. CEC eligible meters Other Models available. Check our website or call for details.

Brand Electronics

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Best price under the sun, guaranteed, wholesale and retail prices available.

Many in stock for immediate shipping or pick up.

Mounting racks and other equipment also available.

Go to web site and click on the "Products" tab for spec sheets and details.

Ph: 530-478-0996 (Sacramento, CA area) www.pacificrenewablesgroup.com/products Email: [email protected]

Best price under the sun, guaranteed, wholesale and retail prices available.

Many in stock for immediate shipping or pick up.

Mounting racks and other equipment also available.

Go to web site and click on the "Products" tab for spec sheets and details.


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Back IPa

Back IPa

Choosing a Backup Water Heater

Solar water heating systems usually include some type of conventional water heater as a backup for cloudy weather or for when hot water demand is unusually high. But choosing the most cost- and fuel-efficient backup can be challenging, since the fuel types and efficiencies are like apples and oranges. Here's an easy method for figuring out your best choice.

Electric water heaters are easy to compare since they all use the same fuel source. Tank-style electric water heaters have an efficiency of about 90% because of the standby loss through the tank insulation, while on-demand (tankless) electric water heaters are rated at 100% efficiency—they convert all the energy to hot water. Electrical efficiency estimates are derived from heat energy transferred to the water and do not include utility or home generation and transmission inefficiencies.

Because of heat loss through the uninsulated flue pipe, tank-style fossil-fuel water heaters have lower efficiencies, ranging from 60% to 65%. On-demand gas water heaters offer more efficiency (at about 80%), and high-efficiency (HE) condensing tank-type gas water heaters are the most efficient at about 86%. (Note: At high altitudes, fossil-fuel water heaters lose some efficiency due to decreased oxygen levels in the air.)

But comparing one fuel source against another can be difficult—like figuring out whether you should replace your old natural-gas-fired tank-style unit with an on-demand

An electric on-demand (tankless) water heater.

An electric on-demand (tankless) water heater.

electric heater. To accurately compare fuel costs, it is easiest to convert the Btu content of each therm or gallon of fossil fuel into kWh (electric energy unit) equivalents—1 kWh is equivalent to 3,412 Btu. Then you can factor in the efficiencies of the water heaters (see the table below). The second part of the table shows the fuel costs in dollars per kWh for each water heater type and for a range of fossil fuel costs. This allows a comparison of the fossil-fuel cost to the cost per kWh.

For example, the table indicates that the cost to operate a propane tank-style water heater is equal to about 17.2 cents per kWh at a propane cost of $3 per gallon. In this case, an electric tank-style water heater would be a better value if electricity cost 15 cents per kWh or less. At 90% efficiency, the electric tank will cost the equivalent of 16.6 cents per kWh.

Dollars aside, electric water heaters can also be supplied by renewable energy generated by PV modules, wind-electric systems, or hydro-electric turbines for pollution-free water heating—whereas fossil-fuel heaters cannot. Another possibility is heat-pump water heaters. They boast "efficiencies" of about 200%, delivering twice as much heat energy as the electricity they consume, but are expensive and require greater infrastructure (ground or water source) to attain those efficiencies.

—Chuck Marken

A typical tank-type gas water heater.

Kilowatt-Hour Conversions & Heater Fuel Costs


Btu kWh Per

Heater Fuel Content Heater Unit @ Type Unit Per Unit Efficiency Efficiency kWh Equivalent Heater Fuel Costs @ Cost Per Unit Fuel Cost Per Gallon or Therm


Btu kWh Per

Heater Fuel Content Heater Unit @ Type Unit Per Unit Efficiency Efficiency

Heating oil





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Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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